Kalote Animal Trust

100% of your contributions at the Checkout page go to Kalote Animal Trust on a monthly basis so they can continue the amazing work they do. They are One of India's first cageless animal shelters.

Vvegano collaborating to Kalote Animal Trust

What does Kalote Animal Trust do? Read it in the words of the K.A.T. team - 

It was in November, 2017 that a small flame of hope was lit and it soon spread its warm glow in many a heart. The Kalote Animal Trust was initiated and today it’s a home sweet home to over 370 animals. Dogs, cats, cows, buffalos, goats, pigs, sheep, monkeys, donkeys, horses and a variety of birds and reptiles have found a loving shelter. Each of these animals has an amazing rescue story that will melt your heart and make you marvel at their ability to choose love over a traumatic past.

As the number of animals grew, Sameer ran the shelter with whatever money he could earn from his job and a few random donations from family and like-minded friends. But then things changed with a chance encounter with Sridhar Gorthi and Munish Makhija. Together they nurtured a vision of a land where destitute animals could roam free and happy. They acquired a beautiful plot in Kalote on the outskirts of Mumbai and created their dream animal shelter. Although the first step had been taken, the shelter still needs more financial support in the form of donations or partners who share their vision and belief.


A tale of pure trust

Less than two years after we started our Trust, the Forest Department contacted us. Upon inspection of our facilities, they decided to entrust us with the rehabilitation of Indian Wildlife, protected under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. (PCA Act, 1960). Our main focus is the rehabilitation of primates, reptiles and birds that come to us as a result of animal human conflict. Currently we are home to 14 primates, a pea hen, 4 kites and 8 Indian parrots.


The monthly costs of running the shelter

The Kalote Animal Trust is a labour of love. We try to keep costs at a bare minimum without compromising on the quality of life of the animals. But it is an uphill task as we do not have regular sponsors and currently we run on the goodwill donations of people. However, these donations are sporadic and we are looking for sponsors and partners who can donate regularly to our cause.


Present status

Today, the Kalote Animal Trust is spread over almost half an acre (20,000 sq feet.) But this is insufficient to accommodate our animals and the added enclosures needed for the wildlife. So, we have put a down payment on 2 acres of land (Approx. 80,000 sq feet) adjacent to our property. The property is pictured here with the wire fence. The aim is to build state-of-the-art enclosures for our rehab program, as well as to grow our own organic fodder for our grazing animals. However, we are a long way from owning this property and we are looking for committed donors who can put their shoulder to the wheel, and help make this dream a reality.


You can know more about this cause on https://www.kaloteanimaltrust.com/

For any questions, you may contact kaloteanimaltrust@gmail.com

Location of Kalote Animal Trust - Kalote, Mokashi, Maharashtra 410202


Vvegano collaborating to Kalote Animal Trust