Elysian Delights

Journey began with an idea to provide better food qualitysave environment and eradicate animal cruelty related to food to whatever extent possible. It took us about a year to formulate,sample the product and launch. A lot of the products that we use and consume today result in a lot of waste and damage to our health, environment and animal life. We have now emerged to spread this awareness and provide solutions in terms of QUALITY FOOD and BIODEGRADABLE Packaging by manufacturing some items and collaborating with companies who have the expertise, for other products. We have now setup a Vegan Cafe on Sohna Road & have a small manufacturing unit for our Chocolate Nut Spreads (Hazelate) & Pure Nut & Seed Butters.


Our Aim – Vision – Mission are all aligned and it all leads us to creating a place of healthy food, better eco-friendly alternatives and ultimately to contribution to mutual growth, improving environment and saving biodiversity.

  • To help reach that level of impact, we are starting with everyday use products like soy mayonnaise, chocolate nut spreads, fresh vegan, preservative free breads so that every consumer can get the taste of it. We have started with fast food, and eventually will get into healthier food options. Our aim is to help in the transition, awareness about the situation is a must but having alternatives to satisfy the transition goes hand in hand. Let us all work together and help each other grow.
  • On breaking even with our investment, we will part with some percentage of profits to donate to animal rescue organizations. We will be contributing to reforestation initiatives as well. Help us help you!
  • Vendor Legal Name: Elysian Delights LLP
  • Registered Address: NPSC, Dwarka Sector 2, New Delhi
  • Nature of Entity: Private Limited Company
  • Customer Care number: +91 9971980350
  • Country of Manufacture: India

For any Grievances: 

  • Name of Officer: Anchit Kawaatra
  • Designation: Founder 
  • Contact:  +91 9971980350