Broke Mate

Broke Mate is built on the philosophy of promoting pure, cruelty-free love. We tirelessly bring vegan bags that fuse fashion with practicality. Because bags of today, should work with you, and not the other way round.


Our Customers

Broke Mate brings “fashion bags for the purposeful women”. Women of today are adventurers, seeking to change the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our bags are for any woman who has ever dared to make this change. They’re also resourceful in design, so you can find your things when you need them, and be trendy no matter the situation!


Why Vegan Leather?

Good vegan leather can easily surpass real leather. Apart from not having dark origins, vegan leather has superior colour retention and is sustainable. In production, vegan leather produces 10 times less amount of air pollution. Vegan fashion is a step into the future, and we help you be closer to it.


Our Designs

Keeping in mind our core values of promoting safe and ethical treatment of animals, our bags are made with premium quality vegan leather, so that you can be fashion forward, without the deadly price-tag. They’re also practical enough to transition from one occasion to another, without any hassle.

  • Vendor Legal Name: Broke Mate
  • Registered Address: Sourabh Mutha, 32A Hanuman Building, 2nd Floor, Above Honda Scooter showroom, Behind RBI, Fort, Mumbai - 400001.
  • Nature of Entity: Private Limited Company
  • Customer Care number: +91 9317122901
  • Country of Manufacture: India

For any Grievances: 

  • Name of Officer: Rumika Sharma
  • Designation: Founder 
  • Contact:  +91 9317122901