Bombay Hemp Company, incorporated in 2013, are an Agro-based enterprise reimagining the future of Indian agriculture and sustainable living with hemp as their lens. Hemp’s uses are kaleidoscopic. Pull its Fibre out and it’ll give you Yarn; chop it into Softwood, it’ll give you material to build Shelter; study its Genetics, and you’ll find Medicine.

Their design fuses this very potential with the existing industries of Agriculture, Technology, and Medicine, to bring together Community, Impact, and Value.

Hemp’s innate Power to build a better Future. BOHECO harnesses that power by advocating Industrial Hemp and its benefits to society. They assist local farmers in cultivating the crop by providing optimum seeds, best practices in cultivation techniques, and innovating Agro-products.

Their vision is to be pioneers in developing a sustainable business model for large-scale economic, environmental, and social impact.

BOHECO epitomizes a wholesome, credible solution towards alleviating poverty and uplifting society. BOHECO's centrality as a futuristic agriculture company rests in sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and inclusive industry building.

Upon identifying the untapped value of our geographic conditions which are conducive to Hemp cultivation, they created the ecosystem of a Hemp industry in India

They studied Hemp extensively and then engaged in conversations with their stakeholders whose support turned their imaginations to realities. With farmers, scientists, policymakers, industry leaders and world communities, they traced the timeless benefits of Hemp to drive measurable social impact.

Here they are after months of tenacity, India’s premier Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Company on its onward journey of positive market disruption.

  • Vendor Legal Name: Bombay Hemp Company Pvt. Ltd.
  • Registered Address: Unit no. 2, Cama Industrial estate, Sun mill Compund, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013,India
  • Nature of Entity: Private Limited Company
  • Customer Care number: +91 9672642007
  • Country of Manufacture: India

For any Grievances: 

  • Name of Officer: Shreya Jain
  • Designation: Founder 
  • Contact:  +91 9672642007