Avesta Good Earth Foods

Avesta Good Earth Foods is a food company with global ambitions, dedicated to developing nutritious alternatives for breakfast and daily snacks as well as functional foods derived from Avesthagen’s bio-Nutritional programme, to cater to the needs of all who strive towards promoting well-being through a healthy diet. Good Earth Foods is the first company in India to bring the Muesli to the Indian Consumer. Founded in 1989 by the gorgeous Bollywood actress Waheeda Rehman and her partner Ashraffa Sattar, it started as a small scale unit making cereals and biscuits from a small factory in Bangalore.

The products target the discriminating health-conscious consumers, who are concerned about using natural food ingredients for their nutritional requirements, and those who believe that their health can be managed better through diet rather than medication.

The Avesta Good Earth business has the following objectives:

  • Build a strong identity with “Health & Wellness” through the “Good Earth” brand and products
  • Extend product lines into newer markets, targeted at specific segments.
  • Increase awareness of health through healthy eating.
  • Emerge as the image market leader in the Health & Wellness foods sector, including quality leadership in breakfast cereals.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Company is alive to relevant opportunities in health and nutritional foods, and, more importantly, will take the functional food focus of years of bio-Nutritional research forward into a range of health and wellness products and global markets.

    • Vendor Legal Name: Avesta Good Earth Foods Private Limited
    • Registered Address: 43/39, Level 4, 2nd cross, Promenade Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore - 560 005
    • Nature of Entity: Private Limited Company
    • Customer Care number: +91 8041149301
    • Country of Manufacture: India

    For any Grievances: 

    • Name of Officer: Karan Dubey
    • Designation: Founder 
    • Contact:  +91 (0) 80 4114 9301