Adopt these Animals !


Tux arrived at the farm with a wire wrapped around his leg. It had cut through the skin and cut off his circulation, so that the skin on his whole leg had died. It has taken him months to heal :( Now we hope we can place him in a home instead of releasing him when his last bit of cut skin heals. He is a very gentle and sweet 5 year old dog who wants nothing more than good love, good food, and a sunny spot to nap on the porch. Can you give him that?




Have your breath taken away by ZARA's beauty! Zara is a 7 month old gorgeous tabby female who was orphaned at 10 days of age but has grown strong and healthy. Zara is full of energy and love and enjoys just about everyone's company (regardless of their species). Zara was adopted when she was a wee 2 month old baby but the adopters couldn't keep up with her energy and decided to give her up. She is fully vaccinated and spayed and a very healthy and happy kitten. She would do best in a household that already has a cat or dog. If you would like to adopt our gorgeous girl, please fill in the adoption form linked below specifying that ZARA is the animal you would like to adopt. Adoption form link: Contact Number: 90351 17600 (WhatsApp/text only) It is difficult for us to keep track of all our inquiries since we have many cases at present. Do remember that keeping in touch with your adoption coordinator will help speed up the adoption procedure. Spread the word to help Zara find her family!