Herbal Disinfectant Foam Hand Wash 150 ml

Herbal Disinfectant Foam Hand Wash 150 ml

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Nature Rinse – Herbal Foam Hand Wash Looking for a smooth, aromatic and yet effective hand wash, Nature Rinse – Herbal Foam Hand Wash is an ideal product for you. Made from plant extracts and aromatic oils, the antibacterial herbal hand wash keeps your hands perfectly clean and enriches the skin, thereby making them smooth and moisturised. Now, harsh and scaly palms due to chemical products can soon become a thing of the past. The 100% herbal and eco-friendly product is child-friendly, and along with skin enriching substances, has ingredients that give you impeccable germ-free hands. Feel the joy of a manicured hand every time you use it!

Things you need to know:

Pack Size:

  • The product is available in two sizes: 70 ml and 150 ml refill packs. They are cost-effective and tried and tested.

The Composition: At Herbal Strategi, each product has been made with utmost precaution and the ingredients are chosen carefully.

Here is what goes into making your herbal foam hand wash:

Each 100 ml contains:

  • CymbopogonCitriatus (Lemongrass Oil) : 6 ml
  • Azardirachtaindica (Neem Oil) : 15 ml
  • Citrus Lemon (Lemon Oil) : 6 ml
  • Ocimumsanctum (Tulsi Oil) : 4 ml
  • Coconut oil : 20 ml
  • Exciepients : Q.S
  • Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

How to Use it:

  • The herbal hand wash keeps your hands supple and soft. It keeps germs and dust at bay.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Moisten hands and apply foam on the palms.
  • Massage the lather and wash hands with water.

Where to use it:

  • Rinse off your dirty or greasy hands with this Herbal Strategi hand wash! The product can be used any number of times and gives you surety that your hands won’t get rough. The therapeutic hand wash rinses off odours in a jiffy and leaves behind a fresh, subtle and aromatic fragrance. Now, washing hands before and after every meal can be fun as the froth and fragrance leaves you clean and refreshed. Made of herbal products, this hand wash is child-friendly and safe to use.

What to watch out for!

  • Washing hands regularly is a personal habit that keeps you healthy. Certain factors must be kept in mind while using this product. The hand wash is meant for external use only. Herbal formulations tend to change their colour over time without affecting its efficacy. A frothy affair with an enchanting fragrance The Nature Rinse – Herbal Foam Hand Wash is a multi-purpose product that not only focuses on washing but also gives much-needed care to your hands, especially palms. Those, who love to wash their hands and are very particular about cleanliness, must try the Herbal Strategi herbal hand wash.
At Herbal Strategi, we guarantee that all our products are 100% natural. Each batch of raw materials undergoes rigorous tests and is certified at CSIR-IIIM Jammu. We are an ISO 9001 Certified Company and licensed by the Ministry of AYUSH and encourage healthy living practices by bringing holistic solutions for everyday issues. PETA certified, our products are 100 % Vegan, free of artificial ingredients, and not tested on animals.

We believe that it is possible to ensure good health, a clean home, and a healthy pet without the use of harmful chemicals. Dedicated to the cause of delivering quality herbal solutions, Herbal Strategi strives to provide high quality herbal products to allow you to get away from the chemicals you use in your daily life.

History of Herbal Strategi
The story of Herbal Strategi is the story of one man’s determination to overcome challenges and find a solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem, not only for himself, but also for the greater good.

While living and working in India, our founder, Mr. John Thomas, suffered from frequent asthmatic bouts and severe upper respiratory problems. Doctors identified chemical mosquito repellents as the cause of the issue, and he was advised to discontinue their use. Since giving up mosquito repellents was not a viable option in a country known for the incidence of diseases like dengue, malaria and Chickenguniya. He set out to find a natural alternative. This quest was the first step in the creation of Herbal Strategi, an organisation which focuses on finding viable herbal alternatives to the multitude of chemical products, which are so much a part of our daily lives.

Necessity is the mother

Backed by the research laboratory of The Council of Industrial and Scientific Research (CISR), Mr. Thomas enlisted the services of the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) to develop a natural repellent. He field tested it in Kerala, a state which is known to have over 400 species of mosquitoes. The success of this repellent is the foundation on which the enterprise is built. Herbal Strategi caters to the need for herbal home and pet-care products with a selection of rigorously tested Eco-friendly and safe options.

Research and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
The emphasis has been and will continue to be in developing well researched products – the team has worked with the scientists at CSIR-CIMAP, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
Quality control of Natural Ingredients is undertaken by CSIR-IIIM,J&K a premier laboratory of CSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.
Strategi has a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate that ensures the quality of products manufactured is of a high standard.
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