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Our Ultra Fine Instant Oats Drink is from a premium grade natural plant source. It contains 14 grams protein, and is very high in fibre and carbohydrates. We at Flex Protein™ have converted this to a quick drink for better nutrition absorption and faster recovery after intense exercise.  



For 100 Grams Serving Size

  • Ultra-Fine Instant Oats Drink
  • Rich in calcium, zinc, iron, folic acid and vitamin E
  • High Fibre and Low GI & Sugar
  • Contributes to reduction in Cholesterol
  • Slow Energy Release



    Energy: 404.97 Kcal, Carbohydrate: 69.58 g, Protein: 14.45 g, Fat: 7.65 g Added Sugar: 0 g, Fibre: 10 g



    • Unflavoured: 100% Oat Flour.
    • Chocolate Silk Flavour: 100% Oat Flour, 100% Natural Low-Fat Cocoa, Sucralose.
    • Vanilla Cream Flavor: 100% Oat Flour, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Sucralose.





    • Add 250-350 ml of water to your shaker and then add 3 heaped scoops (100 g) to it. Shake and drink.
    • If the drink is thicker, mix more water to dilute. 
    • We recommend 1-2 servings per day. Ideally to be consumed for breakfast during the day.
    Flex Protein was born from our search for natural and premium quality protein products. Our products are backed by a lot of research and contain pure and natural protein sources. We are in the process of transforming the way protein is looked at as merely a bodybuilding supplement. However it should be incorporated in every individual's dietary needs for living a healthier and better quality life.

    We are actively researching sustainable solutions for quality protein products.Flex Protein’s motto is simple – to provide every consumer with ULTRA CLEAN NUTRITION. Our vision is to provide clean and premium quality protein rich products at affordable pricing. So, whether you are a new entrant into the world of Fitness or someone who believes in quality nutrition, choose Flex Protein, as we believe in providing you with Ultra Clean Nutrition.

    No gimmicks, No fancy claims, No fancy glowing plastic bottles

    Responsibly sourced ingredients and that's our promise.
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