Amar-Al-Din - Apricot Cinnamon Kombucha

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Apricot and Cinnamon Green Tea Kombucha.

Prunus Armeniaca aka Apricots are not just tasty, but an excellent source of Vitamin A and antioxidants: ingredients necessary for healthy skin and blood. To this is added the magic of cinnamon, one of the most delicious and healthy spices on the planet. It lowers blood sugar, helps in weight loss and reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. With its powerful medicinal properties, no wonder it was regarded fit to be a gift for the kings in ancient Egypt.

At MAVI’s Commbucha, we are brewing some fizzy, energizing and refreshing booch-love for you. Basically, MAVI’s Commbucha is handcrafted fermented tea which apart from having a long list of amazing health benefits, also keeps your taste buds tickling making it perfect for social drinking, as a non-alcoholic beverage as well as a mixer. From the beginning, we have ensured that we keep the experimentation and innovation going, so we offer a wide variety of perennial and seasonal flavours like plums, oranges, watermelon, the list goes on, we have something for every kind of palate!

As our name suggests, we believe in a strong sense of community, in fact, that’s our vision- we do not look at Kombucha as only a beverage, we look at it as something that symbolises a sustainable way of living, and that’s the community we are building, a community of people who take ownership of the change they want to see in themselves and the world around them. We are no preachers, but we strongly believe in conscious living and taking small actions in our own capacity to preserve the environment around us. At times, we have felt confused and overwhelmed as to where to begin because the world is such a complex and interconnected place but over a period of time we have found our own little ways to do our part about the issues we care for, for instance, finding alternatives to plastic or being more conscious about the source of our food. This is also reflective in the way we produce Kombucha, we procure all our raw material from local farmers and farmer’s market who are spread across the country. We are building a community of like-minded people who are exploring ways of making a difference in their own capacities.

Mashi is someone who has always lived life by her rules, in her unique, unapologetic manner. We see her embracing challenges with absolute ease and giving every situation her own colour. A natural risk taker, when asked how this journey of brewing and stirring is going for her, she said, “One place where I did not want to be was in the kitchen but as it turns out, I am enjoying it!” Exactly like Kombucha, Mashi comes in many avatars- a friend, partner in crime, boss-lady, activist and dog-lover. Around her, there is never a dull moment and she ensures keeping all the values of community and leadership absolutely intact with love, empathy and creativity! 

The first thought that comes to mind when we think of Vikram is the Iron Throne from GoT,  because that’s how he looks at life- full of thrilling and exciting experiences. Other than talking about his love for Kombucha and Mashi, in his free time, he is always on a look-out to do something new. He was backpacking solo much before the trend caught up in India, one day, you find him learning horse-riding and then on another, he treats you with some amazing home-baked bread. In his own words, “Jo baaki sab kar rahe hain, vahin karoge toh kya mazza hai?” His entrepreneurial spirit of doing something new and his passion for health is what keeps his mind buzzing with all kinds of ideas at MAVI’s Commbucha.

Together, these two different yet complementing energies brew magic!

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