JEEVANI - Healthy Living (100 GM)


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Body Detox and Blood Sugar Management

1. SUPPORTS HEALTHY GLUCOSE LEVELS: Powered with the unique combination of natural ingredients, Jeevani supports natural blood glucose levels and helps in weight management and detoxification.

2. BLESSING OF AYURVEDA: An Ayurvedic proprietary formulation, Jeevani capsules are completely natural and safe, with no additives or preservatives, and thus do not have any side effects.

3. BLEND OF PURE HERBS: This perfect blend of Aloe Vera, Neem and Haritaki is rich in health benefits such as improved metabolism, immunity and digestion.

4. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Jeevani is a clinically researched and tested ayurvedic formulation to manage your blood sugar levels. It can be used regularly and doesn’t have any additives, thus free from any side effects.

5. DOSAGE: The ideal dosage of Jeevani is 1 teaspoon with warm water on an empty stomach, right before breakfast, in the morning

6. Clinically tested and AYUSH certified

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