Super plant foods where you can derive your B12 from


If you have a look at it, B12 is a pivotal ingredient that is essential for keeping your nerves, blood cells, and DNA in a healthy and robust manner. Lack of this pivotal water-soluble vitamin can lead to potentially dangerous nerve damage or brain clots as a matter of fact. As you all know, all the functions of your body are executed through the brain. Hence, here we go, in helping you understand super-plant foods from which you can derive your B12:


Know-how on the process

B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that thrives under the soil. That is the primary reason, why grass-fed cows provide milk that is a rich source of Vitamin B12. A lot of animal cruelty is involved with respect to urban cattle animals, we as vegans, shun milk and milk products altogether. Cows and buffaloes are artificially inseminated and injected with metabolic hormones to maximize their production of milk. Again, their calves are taken away post-birth. These poor milch animals suffer tremendous emotional trauma while they are babies are taken away from them. The milk that is meant for the calves is stolen by humans for our consumption. Again, in the dairy industry, male calves are slaughtered within 8-10 weeks from the time of birth just to be sold off for veal. Spent dairy cows are again slaughtered once their milk production abilities cease out. 


Here we look at how you can otherwise obtain your Vitamin B12 from. Unprocessed organic foods fresh and taken out from the soil contain traces of Vitamin B12. These include soil-enriched carrots, beets, greens, potatoes, and even mushrooms. Again, you wash these veggies and the Vitamin B12 is also wiped off. Hence, this online guide aims at how you can add B12 to your diet. Let us have a run-down into the same:


Fortified foods

You can use fortified foods that contain Vitamin B12. These include millet flakes, cereal-based foods like Cornflakes, jam bottles, and any other variant of an enriched packaged form of food. At the lab, B12 is powdered with spirulina to add to food ingredients and additives. As vegans, we can consume foods that are fortified with this water-soluble Vitamin, none other than B12. 


Vegan capsules

At the lab, spirulina or some form of plant-based algae is pounded to form flakes of Vitamin B12. The same ingredient is put into capsulated pills. Unfiltered sea/rainwater and soil contain Vitamin B12 in its purest form. Hence, pharma companies can procure fresh garden soil or seawater reeds to create flakes of Vitamin B12. You can order capsules from online stores. Make sure, you get vegan B12 and not the animal-derived one. 


Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is fortified with Vitamin B12. Again, quite a lot of you can make vegan cheeses using this particular ingredient. In fact, one tablespoon of 100% fortified yeast can provide you with 2.4 mcg of Vitamin B12. You can also provide cheesy flavors to stews, sandwich spreads, or for salad dressings. A vegan’s countertop will always have a pack of nutritional yeast, as a matter of fact. You can also add nutritional yeast for other delicacies like sauces, chilis, or curries. Again, you can sprinkle nutritional yeast on popcorn to have a cheesy tub of popcorn to your heart’s content.



These are super-based plant foods from which you derive your Vitamin B12. Stay tuned to receive more interesting updates from your very own plant-based store: htpps://

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