4 health benefits one gets on consuming nutritional yeast

What is nutritional yeast?

It is a dried form of inactive yeast that is grown via a sugar-molasses medium. It does not rise into dough just the way the baker’s yeast does. It also does not reproduce into your body when you consume it unlike normal yeast. This way, the ingredient is a popular one especially when you want to veganize dairy-rich or meat-based dishes. Most of the nutritional yeast comes to you fortified with vital vitamins especially B6 and B12. That is primarily the reason why many cooking dishes make use of this pivotal ingredient.

Come on, let us unveil 4 core benefits of consuming nutritional yeast. Here we go:

A powerhouse of proteins, vitamins and minerals

Nutritional yeast contains almost all the 9 essential amino acids, humans need from a protein rich diet. In fact, one tablespoon of nutritional yeast contains almost 2 grams of protein. This way, adding the ingredient helps vegans get protein-rich meals.

Again, if you look at vitamins, the pivotal ingredient is no lesser. A tablespoon of nutritional yeast can satisfy 30-180 percent of RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake) for B Vitamins. Fortified nutritional yeast contains Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.

Nutritional yeast contains traces of important minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium and molybdenum. This way, from the nutritional point of view, a tablespoon of enriched nutritional yeast satisfies 30 percent of RDI on minerals. Fortified version of nutritional yeast is a great nutritive value for vegans as a typical vegan diet is particularly deficient in Vitamin B12. And fortified versions do add Vitamin B12 before the packaged labels hit store shelves.

Nutritional yeast contains the much-needed antioxidants

Your cells are constantly subject to damage as they are introduced to free radicals every single day. This is one primary reason as to why you must consume foods enriched with antioxidants. This is mainly because antioxidants help fight against this damage by binding themselves to free radicals. Via the process, the free radicals remain disarmed.

If you look at nutritional yeast, it contains powerful antioxidants. These include glutathione and selenomethionine. These antioxidants protect your cells against cell damage particularly from toxin metals, especially those of environmental toxins. When you consume antioxidant rich diets such as nutritional yeast, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you can defend your body against chronic diseases. These include heart disease, cancer and muscular degeneration.

Do you want to boost your immunity?

Nutritional yeast contains two important carbohydrates. These include alpha-mannan and beta-glucan. Both alpha-mannan and beta-glucan can help fight bacterial infections and boost your body’s immunity to fight against diseases. How does this happen?

This happens when the alpha-mannan and beta-glucan:

a) Stop bacteria from attaching themselves to the lining of your intestines

 b) Stimulate immune cells, making them more effective at fighting infections

 c) Reduce the harmful effects of certain toxins, the food crops release. This happens when the carbohydrates attach themselves to these toxins and thereby disarm their effects.

Consuming dishes made from nutritional yeast therefore can enhance the immunity levels of humans by a considerable deal.

Helps lower cholesterol levels

Nutritional yeast contains beta-glucan that is found to lower cholesterol levels in humans. A research study recently proved that when a person consumes 15 grams of beta-glucan that is released by nutritional yeast for almost 8 weeks in a row, the cholesterol levels reduce by almost 6%. You can also reduce your lipid levels when you consume foods that are rich in oats and seaweed!

Beta glucans also have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties that can make your body stronger. This is a carbohydrate that also prevents you from getting osteoporosis. Hence, nutritional yeast has an enriched quantity of beta-glucans that can bring your cholesterol levels down. When your fat reduces, your body becomes more active and agile.


You have seen 4 vital health benefits you derive from consuming nutritional yeast. So, what is stopping you from getting a pack for yourself? You must look for branded labels and fortified version of these flakes. As a fortified version contains the much-needed Vitamin B12 that vegan diet lacks in!

Blog ideas taken from: https://www.healthline.com/

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