25 exciting ways in which you can use Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a versatile cooking ingredient you can use while creating a variety of vegan recipes. You had also come across lip-smacking recipes that make use of the ingredient, enriched with cheesy and nutty flavors. For those of you, who want more creative ways of making use of this ingredient, here you go with this wellness guide. Presenting you with 25 exciting ways by which you can make use of nutritional yeast. Shall we get started?

As a popcorn top-up

Nutritional yeast is a dried form of inactive yeast. You call it inactive as the yeast doesn’t reproduce. Neither does it rise into your dough or baking flour. This way, you can use the ingredient in a variety of cooking dishes hassle-free.

To add that extra cheesiness to your home-made popcorn, this is what you ideally do. You can melt vegan cheese or butter. Drizzle it on popcorn. Add one or two tablespoons of nutritional yeast and a pinch of salt. Your cheese popcorn is ready to snack up into theaters or TV shows.

Vegan cheese

Instead of using a regular cheese, you can use nutritional yeast instead. Blend it into a food-processor along with walnuts or cashews. Store the powder into mason jars or air-tight containers. You can melt the cheese using a dash of olive or any other regular cooking oil. Then, dab it on pizzas, breadsticks or even spaghetti.

Cat food

Just place two to three tablespoons of the yeast on to a bowl. Cats love licking it for its cheesy flavor indeed.

Dairy-free sauces

For vegan based cheesy dips, the nutritional yeast can be a great ingredient indeed. Vegan chilly cheese dips go well with nachos, ruffles, and creamy cashew queso.

For a dinner-party

When you have your pack of nutritional yeast, fret not. Fill the table with attractive toppings like vegan chilly dips, spicy black beans, salsa and guacamole. Guests coming over, can have their hands full and add toppings to their chips, ruffles or crackers too!

To satiate the food tastes of your kids

Kids love it when you make something unique and attractive. Nutritional yeast is a kind of ingredient that makes cooking way easier. Thanks to the endless number of recipes you can churn using it. Use nutritional yeast to make chilly cheese tater tots. It is so cheesy and delicious that your kids will love you for this!

Vegan cheese steak sandwiches

Using jackfruit, creamy cashew cheese dips made from nutritional yeast of course, sautéed onions and peppers, you can make these power-packed sandwiches. These sandwiches can be your favorite comfort food during any time of the day indeed.

Tofu ricotta

Nutritional yeast, owing to this cheesy flavor, easily adds to a great ingredient, when you want to add it, to make tofu ricotta. You can add it to vegan lasagna, stuffed pancakes and mushroom pizzas too!

You can process just a couple of ingredients into the food-processor and you are all set to go! Vegan lasagna can be layered with pasta sauce, tofu ricotta, zucchini, fresh basil and spinach. You can dole out the dish in just under 30 minutes. While you can make the lasagna using air-fryer too!

Fried squash blossoms with cashew sauce

Fried squash blossoms can be teamed up with a creamy dash of cashew sauce. This can perfectly pave way for a tasty vegan appetizer indeed. The delicate squash and the crunchy zucchini blossoms stuffed with cashew cheese, immersed with flour and spices. Plus, the entire stuff is shallow fried to make a tasty evening snack too. To make the cheese dip, you obviously need to add a lavish dose of nutritional yeast.

Cheesy noodle bowl with a dash of sprouts

You have a fascinating noodle bowl filled with cashew sauce that is creamy and cheesy. The sprouts are mildly sautéed while the cheese takes its flavors from miso, sriracha and tamari. This is a delicacy that is too good to miss!

Vegan pesto rice

This is a cooking recipe that hardly uses about 10 ingredients. While it can hardly take you about 10 minutes to dole this wonderful recipe. You can have the dish that complements a perfect weeknight meal indeed. You can use nutritional yeast to prepare plain cheesy dips or chili dips that add up to a power-packed dressing!

Creamy vegan polenta

Polenta and nutritional yeast unveil a magical combination to get you the creamy vegan polenta across the table. As the dish is lined up with sun-dried tomatoes, the tangy flavor adds up as a great breakfast option indeed. The dish gives you energy to ease up during the day.

For those of you who have a sweet tooth

You can top up the polenta with a hearty vegan sausage followed by browned Brussels. Add a dash of maple syrup to make the dish an irresistible one indeed! If you have a look at it, there is something nice and exciting about polenta snacks. The vegan polenta snacks not only look eye-catching but tastes delicious too. These are snacks that make a hot entry at any party or holidaying event indeed!

Vegan quiches

Crust less vegan quiches are great partying snacks indeed. You have diced tofu pieces paired up with nutritional yeast, and this can give the dish a creamy and cheesy look indeed. To add to this, you have a fabulous dressing too. The savory tofu, coupled with red peppers, olives, onions and kale in a cashew filling! These are adorable party snacks. The vegan quiches make a popular option at portable kitchens too as these can be made via an air-fryer or baked through an oven.

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Delicious vegan breakfast tacos

You can make those adorable vegan tacos in a delicious manner. We have it prepped up for you in the form of seasoned tofu, spicy onions, garlic, black pepper, corn and black beans. The wholesome stuffing is wrapped up into corn tortillas. You can have these yummy tacos with a pinch of cilantro and guacamole.

Vegan shakshuka with scrambled tofu

Do you miss your scrambled eggs as you have turned vegan? Fret not. You have the vegan recipe tailormade for traditional egg lovers. But the ingredients are absolutely plant-based, as a matter of fact. All you must do is, sprinkle nutritional yeast onto slabs of tofu. You can then add a dollop of sauces made from tomatoes and bell peppers. This trendy appetizer is going to make your Sunday brunches fulfilling!

Breakfast nests with creamy queso

This is a wonderful breakfast option to make. Quick and easy with the available vegan ingredients! These are breakfast nests with a layer of browned sprouts, tofu scrambles camouflaged with a dash of cashew sauce or queso. For the creamy layers, nutritional yeast is the magical ingredient that is added.

Do you want an Austin breakfast?

This is a platter that takes its style from Austin. You get a wonderful canopy of scrambled tofu, fried beans, crunchy potatoes along with a dash of guacamole. You can have all your brunch treats across one platter. Too hard to resist, isn’t it?

Vegan tofu scramble with kale and avocados

This is an amazing vegan recipe, you dole out as a party appetizer, or include one as a brunch option. The tofu scramble contains nutritional yeast to make it cheesy and creamy. Plus, you have a delicious array of seasoned veggies like kale, red bell peppers and onions, while you can have diced avocados unveiling magic!

Vegan sandwich with eggy tofu and plant-based sausages

This is a power-packed vegan sandwich comprising of thinly sliced eggy tofu. Plus, add to it non-dairy cheese made from nutritional yeast. You have a wonderfully prepared vegan sausage that goes there as a sumptuous filling. The platter makes an adorable snack for your picnics or outdoor trips!

Roasted chickpeas

Nutritional yeast makes a delectable topping when you have roasted chickpeas spread into a bowl. You can roast chickpeas on tawa or use air fryer too. You can eat them for a snack or have a bowl handy while organizing a wine or a cocktail party. The savory dish goes well with your drink indeed!

Roasted potatoes with cashew sauce

You can make creamy and delicious delicacies using nutritional yeast. The best part is you get a perfect taste of dairy-based cheese. Thanks to its umami flavor indeed. Sliced potatoes are roasted gently. You can use an air-fryer too. You top it up using decadent cashew cream. You can have red bell peppers, corn and add to it smoked onions. You can call your guests home. They would find this delicacy absolutely stunning!

Warm vegan spinach artichoke dip

Do you want a healthy salad option for your breakfast brunches? Here, you go with a spinach-artichoke dip with chips and chickpeas tortillas. You can add nutritional yeast dips for the added richness.

Creamy tomato soup

You add cheese or cream to make the tomato soup even more appetizing. Non-dairy cheeses are primarily made from nutritional yeast indeed. You can also have a vegan cheese grilled sandwich as an adorable dipping. The creamy soup, made from sun-dried tomatoes, and the cheese sandwich dip, can make people at home go gaga over your culinary skills.

Vegan fried ravioli

This is a delicacy your entire family would fall in love with. This is an appetizer worth giving a try. You can have ravioli bites fried using the air fryer. Season it with basil, oregano, nutritional yeast and garlic. You can use a vegan chili queso or rich creamy sauces for dipping these into.

Vegan corn cakes

These corn cakes can be a showstopper among parties, brunches and family get together events indeed. Tofu scramble bites, avocados and salad dressing go well with the corn cakes. For the patties, creamy cashew sauce dips made from nutritional yeast can do the honors!


These are 25 exciting ways in which nutritional yeast can be used. Be it bread crumbing, making creamy patties, cheese dips or vegan sauces, you have it all.

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