Why Try Vegan in 2019?

  • Why Try Vegan in 2019

    One of the common statements / excuses / arguments from most people is “Hey, I could never eat vegan food” or “I could never buy a product from a vegan store” and so many other clichés. However, what people fail to realize is, Veganism is NOT a diet, it’s simply a way of Life. Veganism simply means choosing a compassionate option to lead our life in a way as practicable as possible. Veganism isn’t about drastically changing your lifestyle, it simply means we lead our lives the same way albeit by making smarter, friendlier choices.
  • Environment Friendly Shopping at Vvegano

    ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY SHOPPING FROM VVEGANO! Hello All, Have you ever thought of an online platform that works not for their profit, but for the environment? Yes, you heard that right. It’s Vvegano, a Mumbai, India based online store which sells only the environmentally positive products which we need for our daily use. It’s an umbrella for the sellers with a similar theme and that would make them pretty unique.
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