Mock meat specials using Soya

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In this segment, I am going to introduce mock meat specials that exclusively make use of soy wedges on the whole. Soya is the richest source of vegetable protein, as a matter of fact. You also have soya chunks replicating meat wedges. Hence, soya is a pivotal ingredient that is used by plant-based companies in making mock meat products. Let me introduce a few amazingly cool picks from your very own store V Vegano. You can log into, to pick your packs at pocket-friendly prices. So, let me get you started with the same:

Next Yakniku

These are plant-based nuggets that are brought to you via a leading Japanese brand namely the ‘Next Takniku’. The exclusive product that is used is obviously soya. Defatted soybeans and rich soy sauce add a tangy flavor after all. Other premium ingredients include ginger-garlic paste, salt, sugar, kelp, refined sunflower oil, apple extracts, oranges, lemons, Ajinomoto, and white sesame seeds. The wholesome ingredients make the pack a power-packed meal indeed. You can preheat on a griller. You can then add the ingredients to a non-stick oil pan. Sprinkle oil according to taste, and leave it on simmer for about 6 minutes or so. You can then have crispy and tasty plant-based nuggets for your evening snacks. You can grab the description link right here from the store:

Next Meats -Yakiniku Soy Sauce-150gm- Delhi /NCR only – Vvegano

Field Grill’s Spicy Samosas

This is a vegan spicy samosa made from a special Punjabi filling. You have a textured form of soy protein that gets added to the filling. Dehydrated onions, green peas, chilis, coriander, ginger, and green chilis form the vegetable stuffing. You have spicy herbs and condiments that are added to the seasoning mix. These are vegan versions of your Chicken Samosas. Go for the pick and make your evenings adorable. The description link is right there for you:

The Field Grill's Spicy Samosa 300gms – Vvegano

Vezley Soy Indi Chop

Soy Indi Chop is a Chinese delicacy that is filled with spicy Manchurian sauce. To replace meaty wedges, you have soya and other natural ingredients that go into the making. This is a protein-rich and balanced diet that is made from carefully curated plant-based ingredients. The vegetable protein is exclusively made from soy. You have water, salt, whole-wheat flour, and spices that are marinated in the pack. You can pre-cook the pack according to the instructions provided on the back of the cover. Enjoy this continental delicacy with friends and family. Here is the description link for you to choose this product from:

Vezlay Soya Indi Chop 200 gms | 100% Plant Based – Vvegano

Vezley Soy Manchurian Balls

Your Chili Chicken 65 can easily be replaced with a plant-based delicacy after all. This is where your choice of Vezley Soy Manchurian Balls is the right one. Soya chunks, refined wheat flour, starch, water, green chili, vegetables, coriander, salt, spices, and condiments are rich premium ingredients that go into the making. You can enjoy the Chinese Continental delicacy this upcoming Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Go grab the description link right now:

Vezlay Soya Manchurian Balls 300 gms | Plant Based Alternative – Vvegano

Vezley Soy Shami Kebabs

You need not use ground mutton to get your kebabs right. Here is a delectable plant-based twist added to your kebabs. Power-packed with proteins and nutrition, your choice of ‘Vezley Soy Shami Kebabs’ can never get you wrong. Made from plant-based ingredients like Bengal grams, vegetable protein derived from textured soya, wheat flour, rice, starch, other vegetables, condiments, and spices, the taste replicates that of the meaty one. Grab the pick before the packs get sold out. The description link is right there for you to choose from:

Vezlay Soya Shami Kabab 280 gms – Vvegano

Blue Tribe’s plant-based Chicken Momos

The minced meat style momos is a typical Darjeeling-based flavor, after all. Made from textured soy protein, refined wheat flour, water, spices, tomatoes, spring onions, herbs, spices, and condiments, this is a choice product that replicates the ditto taste of Chicken momos. Grab the description link from here:

Blue Tribe - Plant Based Chicken Darjeeling Momos – Vvegano

Vezley’s Vegan Anda Bhurji

This is a vegan based Anda Bhurji brought to you via a leading brand named Vezleys. The pivotal ingredient is soya. Apparently, you can use the product to prepare paneer bhurji too. This is a soya-based mock meat that makes way for a healthier and more delicious meal. Grab the description link from the store:

Vezlay Vegan Scrambled Egg 200 gms – Vvegano


You have a lot many soy delicacies to replicate Chicken or Mutton related meat. The rich spices or condiments included can get you the taste of real-time meat without having the need to slaughter billions of land animals out there. Save animals from dying and please go vegan

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