Mock Meat Specials using Jackfruit

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Many non-vegans are skeptical about veganism as they cannot resist the temptation of digging into meat chunks. Digging into meaty chunks comes naturally with jackfruit wedges. Vegans and non-vegetarians know the amount of cruelty that is meted out to animals in the name of food, religion, etc. We also know to what extent animal agriculture can be devastating for the planet after all. Presenting you with some of the exclusive jackfruit-based mock meat specials especially for you:

Wakao Foods American Herb Sausages

These are plant-based sausages that are mouth-watering and drool-worthy too. The sausages are juicy and tender for you to stuff them into hot dog buns. You can fry the sausages or grill them barbeque style. The sausages go well with pizza toppings and can be used as curries too. Tender jackfruit wedges are the primary ingredient that makes plant-based sausages a delicacy of their own. You also have potato starch, refined sunflower oil, acidity regulators, potatoes, spices herbs, and condiments that go into the making. The bites are gluten-free and dairy-free with no added preservatives. Grab the store link right away:

Wakao Foods American Herb Sausages - 100 % Vegan, Ready to cook – VVegano

Jackfruit Shreds

Do you want to enjoy meaty pieces on your biryanis or gravies? Fret not. You can use plant-based shreds to satiate your cravings after all. You can leave animals off your table as a matter of fact. You can add jackfruit shreds to your biryani instead of chicken or mutton chunks. This way, you can make your living even more compassionate. ‘Eat With better’ is the brand that brings original jackfruit shreds that are tender, soft and juicy. Pick your pack right here:

Eat with better. Tender Jackfruit Original Shreds 250 gms – Vvegano

Continental Burger patty from Wakao Foods

Do you have your kid’s birthday party coming up? Then, you need not shy away from serving them ready-to-cook and eat Continental-styled burger patties. Made from nutritional ingredients like tender jackfruit, pea protein, water, refined sunflower oil, potato starch, iodized salt, spices, and condiments, your choice on the patty can never go wrong. As you have jackfruit is added, you get the exact texture of pulled-out meat. So go for the pack right away. Take the link at the store via this description link added for you:

Wakao Foods Continental Burger Patty - 100% Vegan, Ready to cook – Vvegano

Jackfruit meat for your rice, noodles, and other comfy foods

Go on a real jackfruit makeover. You can add jackfruit meat across your rice, noodles, burgers, sandwich wraps, paranthas, hot dogs, and a lot many comfy foods out there. Try out Teriyaki Jack- 100% plant-based Vegan Jackfruit meat brought to you via Wakao’s foods. These are the exotic ingredients that go into making in order to make teriyaki shreds. You have jackfruit, water, tomatoes, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, condiments, salt, spices, garlic paste, and soy sauce to make the mock meat shreds an absolute stunner. Check out the description link right over here:

Wakao Foods - Teriyaki Jack - 100% Plant Based, Vegan Jackfruit Meat – Vvegano

Raw Vegan Meat

In order to toss up meats across your tacos or whip meaty pieces for your curries or gravies, you need not slaughter animals anymore. You have raw vegan meat, and the secret ingredient is raw jackfruit in its unprocessed form. You have tender raw jackfruit and pure water to make this lovely vegan meat that gives you the raw taste of flesh and meat but in a compassionate manner. Enjoy your guilt-free cravings via Wakao’s Raw Jack Vegan Meat. Here is the description link for the product indeed:

Wakao Foods Raw Jack - 100% Plant Based, Vegan Jackfruit Meat – Vvegano

Love Butter Chicken?

Do you crave butter chicken? But you have just now turned vegan for compassionate reasons, isn’t it? Well, we have got you covered here. This is a vegan and a guilt free spin we are bringing on to your tables indeed. With a magical concoction of jackfruit, water, tomato puree, cashew paste, refined sun flower oil, onion paste, non-dairy cream, sugar, rice flour, ginger-garlic paste, spices and condiments, the plant-based rice with butter chicken gives you the flavor of the real time one. No added preservatives or additives have been added to the product GMO. Hence, the pack is a healthier and a nutritious diet for your family members too. So, what more are you are waiting for? Click on the description link right away:

Wakao Foods Butter Jack - 100% Plant Based, Vegan Jackfruit Meat – Vvegano


You have jackfruit-based sausages and other exciting ingredients you can stack up for the upcoming Christmas or for your New Year Eve’s. Do shop around the store for exciting plant-based replacements. 

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