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We had seen Chicken Varieties on Mock meat specials. Now, let us have mock meat specials that replicate the taste of Mutton. Although the taste is similar to that of mutton, no animal was ever slaughtered to get the food on your tables. Now, let us have a view on Mock Meat Mutton Specials via Vvegano. You can also log in to on your web browser. You can reach the online store as a matter of fact.

Imagine Meats Mutton Seekh Kebab

To make the product, you have unique plant-based ingredients that go into the making. The vegetable concentrate is made from diced veggies like onions, red capsicums, green capsicums, coriander, mint, green chilis, and ginger. You then have vegetable-based protein powder curated from soya and wheat, yeast flakes, cocoa butter, and other exotic flavoring agents to make the dish taste like the meaty one indeed. The plant-based seekh kebabs are so tender that you could snuggle up to the dish all through the night. Here is the store’s link for the product:

Imagine Meats Plant Based Mutton Seekh Kebab 300gm – Vvegano

Shaka Harry Mutton Samosas

Do you want to have kheema samosas for your evening cups of chai? Fret not, when you have plant-based Kheema samosas to satiate through your evenings. Made from absolutely adorable plant-based ingredients like soya, onions, samosa patties, spices, garlic paste, coriander, and salt, these kheema samosas are mirror the taste of Mutton. You can have crispy and tasty kheema samosas in a guilt-free manner. Get the store link from here:

Shaka Harry Just Like Mutton Samosa 250 gms | Vegan & Plant Based – Vvegano

Tandoori Seekh Kebabs

You have absolutely delicious plant-based ingredients that go into the making. You have a concentrate of vegetable protein that is derived from a textured form of soya. Followed by the protein mix, you have vegetable fibers that get added to the product. The veggie fiber comprises oats and wheat. The other ingredients include dried yeast, refined all-purpose flour or maida, onion flakes, rice bran oil, seasoning mix, emulsifiers, acidity regulators, starch, and premium natural flavors. As the plant kebabs are fully cooked, you just may need to defrost the packs. And then heat up the tawa with a little oil in it. Drop the plant-based kebabs into the heated oil and leave it on a simmer for 3-4 minutes. The kebabs turn golden brown. You can serve them hot. These plant-based kebabs can be grilled via a griller as well. Here is where you get the store link from:

The Field Grill's Tandoori kebab Vegan - 200g - Mumbai Only – Vvegano

Vezley’s Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is an aromatic flavor of the Mughals that typically make use of Mutton. In our vegan version, however, we intend to use plant-based ingredients to give you the authentic flavor of the dish with no animal harm to get the dish to the table. Through a mix of onion, ginger-garlic paste, rice, soy chunks, wheat protein, tomato, wheat flour, turmeric, spices, and condiments, we replicate this style of a meaty dish in a guilt-free manner. You can also call this Soya Chikka Rogan josh. Do try the pack right away. Avail packs through the store link:

Vezlay Soya Chikka Rogan Josh 300 gms | 100% Plant Based – Vvegano

Gooddot Plant-based Mutton Kheema

Nonvegetarians always have their hands full when it comes to mutton kheema. You can now have the same recipe plant-based.  This is a plant-based version of the original Mutton Kheema. The dish can taste exactly like the real one. You have wonderfully curated plant-based staples that go into the making of the mock meat special. These ingredients include soya flour, soya isolate, wheat flour, vegetable protein derived from pea flour, flax seed powder, fenugreek powder, coriander powder, onion powder, baking powder, beetroot powder, and other power-packed staples. You also have the seasoning mix that is made from whole-nut spices. 

Get the store link right here:

Good Dot Unmutton Kheema-Plant Based Meat, No Egg, No Meat, No Dairy-1 – Vvegano

Shaka Harry’s Mutton Stuffed paratha

This is your vegan version of the authentic mutton or keema stuffed parathas. This can get you to your comfort feel and help you cuddle up during those cold wintery nights. Check out the wonderful ingredients that go into the making of this wonderful ingredient. The ingredient list includes soya, Wheat flour (Whole wheat flour plus refined wheat flour), Water, onions, edible vegetable oil, spices, onion, tomato, salt, ginger, green chili, beetroot powder, cardamom, cloves, bay leaf, and anise. Stuffed parathas can go well with garlic chutneys or hot ketchup. Get the store link right here:

Shaka Harry Just Like Mutton Stuffed Paratha 250 gms | Vegan & Plant Based – Vvegano

Plant-based Mutton Burger Patty

So, would you love to get hands-on with burgers or patties? Fret not! This is a plant-based mutton burger patty brought to you by Blue Tribe foods. You have water, canola oil, soya isolate, textured soy protein, yeast extract, seasoning flavors, and emulsifiers to help you get the taste of a typical burger patty. The plant-based mutton patty is cruelty-free and tastes just like the meaty one. So, why not go for the pack? Get your store link right here:

Plant-Based Mutton Burger Patty 160g – Vvegano


You have keema samosas, plant-based rogan josh, and meaty flavors brought to you by other leading brands as well. Do check the store right away and help us know in the Comment section. 

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