Discover 15 Enhanced Uses For Nut Butters

Nut butters are those butters that are made from almonds, cashews, or even peanuts. Peanut butter is the most popular spread that is used in breads or patisserie products. The world is now moving towards a plant-based diet. Hence, more and more people are going in for a vegan diet either for health reasons, or to save the environment from the hazardous consequences of climate change. You can therefore look at nuts butters as a dairy free option to replace dairy butters or cheeses. You have 15 enriched ways how these nut butters make a lovely accompaniment for breads, cakes, etc. Let us move on to discover how this is being done. Let us get started!

As a breakfast topping

You can use a nut butter as an enriched form of breakfast topping. As pancakes or waffles also can be made from plant-based ingredients, you can use maple syrups to sweeten the taste. For a more rich feel, you can spray almond or cashew butter on top of vegan based pancakes, waffles, or, even across bread spreads. These dairy-free butters give a more luscious taste as compared to regular cheeses or butter spreads. 

Nut butters go well with stuffed dates cookies

All the ingredients here are plant-based, as a matter of fact. You can make date enriched cookies. And, you can drizzle a choco-almond spread across the same. The cookies can provide you with instant energy and help you endure stamina and strength before your work outs. Hence, this is a popular pre-work out snack that has hit the stands.

Protein bars

You can use nut butters to make protein bars instead of the regularly used cream, butter or caramel. Try almond or cashew butter to extensively make these protein bars. You can add a chocolate layer and make sandwich bars too. 

Dry fruit bars

You can use nut butters like a cashew cream or almond spreads while you plan baking dry fruit bars. You can powder almonds, pistachio nuts, coconut scrapings, cashews, and melon seeds to get an enriched form of dryfruit bars. The bars are drizzled over an almond/ cashew cream in order to bind or hold the ingredients togethers. These home-made dry fruit bars can be your powerhouses of protein or energy. 

Adds up fuel to toast toppings

Toast toppings need not be shredded mozrilla cheese gratings all the time. You can try something unique and that is done when you go entirely plant-based. You can add almond/ cashew or dairy free peanut butter to smother your toast. Add freshly cut kiwis, bananas and apples that can blend well to form fruity toppings. Why not go in for the deal!

As a muffin topping

Muffins are cakes that can provide you with instant energy. You have banana muffins or chocolate-chip muffins that are enjoyed thoroughly by both children as well as adults. You can use a dairy-free nut butter as a tasty muffin topping. Use cashew cream or almond cream to dip into. You can also make a dry-fruit enriched nut butter with ingredients available at home. 

Why don’t you opt for healthy fat in smoothies?

You can whip up instant energy when you decide to add nut butters to smoothies. You can prepare a high-protein vanilla or chocolate smoothie using fascinating forms of nut butters. Avocado butters also go well with different varieties of smoothies. Again avocados provide you proteins, minerals and anti oxidants in abundance. Banana smoothies can be made using nut butters instead of whipped creams.

As a stir-fry

When you make tofu bites or even Thai noodles, you can add a plant based butter such as a peanut butter or so. This way, you can avoid adding cream, otherwise known as whipped butter, to spice up the toppings. 

Home-made salad dressing

For salads, you can create enriched forms of salad dressings using plant-based butters. You can get a rich flavour and above all you can veganize your salads in a hassle-free manner. Just replace creams or mayo sauces with nut butters. Cashew cream can substitute mayo or herb-enriched dairy creams. 

Fudge cakes

You can make fresh banana cakes, or marbled cashgew cakes. You can use creamy almond butter while baking one. Use plant-based ingredients while baking cakes. You also get fruit cakes made eggless. You can drizzle fresh cashew or almond based butter to double up in taste, aroma and richness. 

Make a cookie dough

You can grind chickpeas, almond butter, maple syrup, cinnamon powder, cocoa powder and choco-chips into a mixer-grinder. You can blend the ingredients 2-3 tmes until you get a creamy texture. This is a cookie dough that can be eaten raw. Or, you can top it across crackers or dry biscuits. 

As a summer-snack

You can conveniently drizzle a nut-butter across banana or vanilla ice-cream. The taste can be yum and delightful too. Or, you can swap almond butter for peanut over frozen yoghurt bites. You can also make frozen nut butter banana bites. These are delightful summer-snacks wherein you put dairy-free butters to a good use. 

As an accompaniment for fruit salads

You can use full cream almond milk to prepare the fruit salad. Instead of whipped cream, you can use caramel butter or cashew cream on top. The more creative you get with recipes, the more exciting delicacies are you going to procreate!

Creamy sauces

You can add cashew cream instead of the regular form of whipped cream while making rich creamy tomato or sweet-corn soups. Cashew cream can go well with mushroom soup too. This can be a great appetizer or a pre-work out accompaniment too. 

While making cupcakes

You can make a delectable array of cupcakes using nut butters and fruity flavors. Pumpkin pie nut-butter cakes go well with young kids. You can make coffee cup cakes using nut butters. Dairy-free peanut butters go well while you want to make rich and delicious coconut truffles too. 


These are 15 creative ways on how to make an enhanced use of nut butters. So, which is the nut-butter recipe you are going to try today? Place your remarks under the Comments section. 

Ideas inspired from: 15 Creative Nut Butter Uses – Kelly Jones Nutrition

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