Latest News Updates With Respect To The Vegan World


Although we as vegans are always worried about animals being slaughtered for food and medicine across parts of the world, we have got some positive news updates with respect to the vegan world. Let us discover what each one of these is:

Lab cultured meat

Singapore has recently approved lab-cultured chicken. The approval was given during the year 2021. This has been a phenomenal breakthrough for the animal kingdom. Billions of chickens are mercilessly slaughtered for food. Boneless chicken, broth, wings, chicken nuggets, and whatnot. Lab cultured chicken refers to extracting a few cells from a chicken that is alive. The cells will then be cultured in a lab. This way, one can make chicken patties, burgers and chicken nuggets sans animal abuse. 

Lab cultured steaks and bacon

Again, by taking the live cells of domestic and wild pigs, scientists can grow or culture the cells at the laboratory. This way, bacon or steak patties can be done. The best part about this is that animals need not be slaughtered mindlessly or aimlessly. 

Lab milk and beef

The chemical composition of milk proteins are being studied and analyzed by scientists around the globe. Ova and Ari are two main scientists who took a microbe from a cow’s cell to generate lab milk. And, this is the world’s cleanest milk that is free from microbes, lactose, cholesterol and animal abuse. The firm’s name is ‘Re Milk’ and they are instrumental in generating natural dairy without animal abuse. Cows won’t get slaughtered any more. Again for beaf steaks in patties or burgers, you can grow lab generated beef meat too. 

Lab generated honey

Scientists across the world are working hard to generate lab based honey. Using the microbes of bees, the same chemical composition can be replicated in a lab. This way, gallons of pure honey can be created without abusing bees. If bees vanish, the planet vanishes. Bees are responsible for pollination of plants, fruits and flowers across the globe.

Lab generated fish meat

Using chemically viable or scientifically enhanced ways, fish microbes can be cultured in the lab to make fish related lab meat. If we continue to hunt fish the way we are doing so, right now, it is estimated that oceans can dry up by 2050. Hence, fishes and sea-animals are needed to enrich aquatic eco-systems. 


In case we generate meat products using lab generated means, animals can be left to their original habitats. And we can revive our eco-systems for generations to come.

Ideas generated from Nas Videos on YouTube!

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