Trendy Gifting Ideas For Rakhi

You are eagerly awaiting Rakhi. Do you have your sister studying or working abroad? Or, do you have a brother who is settled abroad? Or, you may have a sibling settled in a different part of the city/ town from where you are residing in? There is a saying which goes like this: ‘Hearts grow fonder when you are away from each other’. Don’t you all agree with me on this? So, this is ideally when you all await Rakhi or what is otherwise known as ‘Raksha Bandhan’. You may want to send across beautiful Rakhi threads to your brothers or sisters residing in different cities or even countries. And, along with the Rakhi threads, you send curated gift hampers. It can be chocolates, teddys, a lovely bouquet of roses and you have plenty of other gifting options too, under the sun. Here are some of the most trendy gifting ideas that are unique and why not take the road that is less traveled?

Potted plants

Are you a vegan? Are you following a typical plant-based diet? If your answer is a Yes, then, the idea of toying in, with a curated set of potted plants may be the coolest Raksha Bandhan gift hamper on your bucket list for the festive occasion. And, when you grow a plant, you must nurture the plant. You must add the seeds in a thoughtful manner. You then water the plant every day. You add organic manures or fertilizers to help the plants grow better. So, what emotion can you give to growing a plant? Nurturing, isn’t it? The feel absolutely holds good with a younger brother or sister whom you have nurtured or grown up with, all these years? So, doesn’t the emotion stay good with Raksha Bandhan that is slated for the 11th of August 2022? Therefore, going in for potted plants or curated seed packs is a beautiful gifting theme you can go in for!

Home-made chocolates

You can go in for homemade chocolates that come to you in a variety of flavors. You also have a delectable array of vegan chocolates at your very own online store. Log on to to check out cool offers on plant based chocolates. 

You can choose almonds, hazelnuts, truffle, double chocolate, dark-chocolate, milk chocolate, candy flavors and a lot many. Do not miss out Dark Chocolate | Almonds Coated With Zesty Orange Flavored cocoa -Crun – Vvegano and The Whole Truth - 55% Dark Chocolate Combo - (Pack of 3) - 1 - 55% Dar – Vvegano which are personally my hot favorites indeed. A vegan gift hamper of chocolates can add those wide eyed smiles on the faces of your brothers/ sisters who also follow vegan ethics along with you. After all, your brother or sister, could not be far from following your footsteps, isn’t it?

Personalized gifting cards

You can curate a personalized greeting card with a message Raksha Bhandhan gift for Sister <Add her name on a stick note>. If the gift hamper is for your brother whom you intend sending the gift hamper to, it can be Raksha Bhandhan gift hamper for Brother <Add his name on a stick note>. You can add silicon color sheets to the gifting cards too. You can stick the personalized card on the gift hamper, which adds a sense of completeness to the gift hampers, after all. Bright neons, greens or oranges go well with personalized cards. Again the wordings can be done using ‘Helvetica’, ‘Pacifico’ or ‘Impact’ font styles. This way, you add a unique tinge to the way you recreate personalized gifting cards. 

Curated gift hampers

You can add curated gift hampers instead of going in for regular style gifts like teddys or flowers. You can add make-up kits, organic eye-shadow palettes, gel pen sets, purse strings, trendy tops or outfits and many items to the hamper. You can make a wish list of what all your brother likes or what all your sister likes. And then, keep adding gift items accordingly. Curated gift hampers for Raksha Bhandhan can be trendy and thoughtful for the festive occasion. Instagram brings to you a variety of online personalized gift stores from where you can procure all your items from. Choose an online store that is a one-stop-one-shop hub so that all of your shopping needs can be satiated through that one store you are zeroing in with. 

Dining cards

You can plan quite a lot of innovative themes when it comes to gifting your near and dear ones for Raksha Bhandhan. You can send candle-light dining cards for your sister and her husband who reside in New York or London. After all, your sister and her husband may hardly have time to dine out with each other. Or, if your brother is a career focused person who is settled in Canada, you can offer a month long dining card voucher book so that his food bills are taken care off during the entire month of Raksha Bhandhan. You have Uber-Eats in the US, UK and Canada that offer desi home-made Indian food to immigrants out there. Vegan outlets are available at abroad locales too. Vegan restaurants offer a variety of croissants, deserts, hummus sauces, sandwiches and pancakes that are 100% plant-based. Hence dining options can be made veganized too. 

Gift baskets

You can add fresh fruits and veggies in attractive looking gift baskets. These adorable vegan gift baskets can be a very trendy option for your brother or sister who is settled in a different part of the city, town or even country. To it, you can add vegan cookies, snack bars, granulas, assorted dry fruits and nuts. Again, you can personalize these fabulous gift baskets in an endless number of ways indeed!


These are trendy gifting ideas for Raksha Bhandhan as a matter of fact. You can add innovative and interesting hampers to give your brother or sister your unconditional love. Raksha Bhandhan comes just once in the year. So, why not make the best use of it?

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