Indulge In Vegan Meats So That You Can Make Your Dinners 100% Guilt-free

For Raksha Bhandhan, you would invite a huge number of guests to arrive home. It can be your maternal or paternal uncles and aunts. You may invite their kids too! Plus, you have your own brother or sister, coming over for the festive occasion. Post the Rakhi-thread-tying ceremony, follows lunch. So, without those chunky pieces of flesh on the briyani, not many people get wooed. You want the dishes to be made cruelty-free too. So, vegan meats are here to come to your rescue. Helping you dole out recipes using vegan meats from your very own plant-based store, V Vegano.Β 


Biryani is a signature-styled dish for any kind of get-together. And, above all, this is a dish that can be doled out in huge quantities too. For a vegan experience, you can opt for mock-meats that resemble the taste of chicken or mutton biryani. The ingredients are made from soya, chickpeas or jackfruit fudge, giving the dish the feel of digging into meat or flesh. This way, you allow your guests to indulge in delicacies that are 100% guilt-free and are plant-based too. Try these packs:

  1. FOODEASE READY TO EAT Vegan Soya Butter Chicken with Rice-425gm-Pack o – Vvegano

  2. FOODEASE READY TO EAT Vegan Soya Chicken Vindaloo with Rice-425gm-Pack – Vvegano

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  4. Vezlay Soya Chikka Rogan Josh 300 gms - Pack of 1 - Mumbai Only – Vvegano

Here, you can make gravies which accompany biryanis or the actual flavor biryani itself.

Do you want to add egg-bhurji to your supper or dinner recipe?

Many vegetarians are so accustomed to the taste of eggs. But, vegan ethics strictly prohibit people from using animal-derived products like eggs, meat, milk and honey. So, how are you going to help your guests transition to a cruelty-free diet?Β 

You have plenty of vegan alternatives that make use of plant-based ingredients. You can make your plant based egg-bhurji that complements with your naan or roti curry. You can also look for plant-based options to dole out omelets and egg-based pancakes. Try these brands for sure:

  1. Vezlay Soya Bhurji 150gms - Pack of 1 - Mumbai Only – Vvegano

  2. Plantmade-Plant based egg and mock meat starter kit Online Delhi NCR – Vvegano

  3. Vezlay Vegan Anda Bhurji / Scrambled Egg 200g - Mumbai Only – Vvegano

Plant-based fritters

Plant-based fritters are absolutely yum and you can try them to leave your guests asking them for more. Try vegan based nuggets, kheema samosas and mock-chicken kebabs. When you can enjoy guilt-free delicacies, why say no to?

  1. Blue Tribe - Plant Based 'Chicken' Nuggets 250g – Vvegano

  2. Imagine Meats Plant Based Mutton Seekh Kebab 300gm – Vvegano

  3. Sudo Kind Chicken Seekh Kebab 250g - Bengaluru Only – Vvegano

  4. Shaka Harry Just Like Mutton Samosa, Plant Based and Vegan 250g - Mumb – Vvegano

  5. Urban Platter Meatless Burger Patty, Plant Based Burger Patties (2 x 1 – Vvegano


Every Raksha Bhandhan meal eventually starts with a sweet pudding. You can make semiya kheer from thick coconut milk. Even a rich dairy-free almond milk makes a luscious option when it comes to serving guests with exotic varieties of payasams or sweet dumplings. Your guests can therefore satiate their sweet buds this way.

Ending dessert

You can try chocolate tiramisu or gulab jamuns that are mouth-watering desserts indeed. You find vegan gulab jamun powder packs across online stores. You can also try chocolate danish tiramisu or chocolate-coffee mousse using plant based milks.Β 


We have covered an end to end menu recipe for a gratifying and sumptuous Raksha Bhandhan meal. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your ingredients right away!

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