How do you make delicious coconut yoghurt at home?

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This is a very simple recipe that makes use thick and rich coconut milk along with probiotic capsules. The recipe is going to be absolutely delicious. This is a highly appetizing staple too. You can use the delicacy for making ice-creams, fruit tubs and use it to slab upon fruits tarts for making those sandwiches richer and creamier than ever before. Let us get started with this wonderful recipe.


  • Fresh coconut milk- 1-liter tetra pack


  • Probiotic capsules- 2-3 capsules that have already been powdered


  • Sweetening syrups- you can use apple or cider honey. The syrup is used with plant-based ingredients. Else, you can use maple syrup too. Flavored blueberry, strawberry or lychee syrups can also be used. Make sure, the ingredients are completely plant-based


  • Diced nuts, strawberries, and avocados- the fruits make room for a lovely array on garnishing. Let us get started with what needs to be done.


Method of preparation

  1. You can either extract coconut milk using your food processor. Else, buy fresh cans from the departmental store. The choice is absolutely yours.
  2. Allow the milk to boil. You can use a medium to lower flame on the gas stove.
  3. Now, switch off the stove and allow the milk to cool down at room temperature.
  4. Add probiotic capsules, sweeteners, flavoring products etc. to the milk.
  5. Allow it to remain like that for about 24-48 hours.
  6. Once, the yoghurt has activated, refrigerate it for about 4-5 hours.
  7. Serve cold with diced nuts, berries, etc.
  8. You can also add vanilla syrup, lemon, or mint flavor for the extra oomph.


This is a rich and creamy delicacy; you simply can’t resist. Filled with antioxidants and minerals, this recipe is a must try indeed. This can be a perfect breakfast option too. All you have to do is sprinkle diced slices of bananas or fresh strawberries too. You can sprinkle chocolate bits to make the yoghurt highly appetizing for the kids too. As this is a gut-healthy appetizer, you can make endless number of recipes using the yoghurt as your base.

In case you do not want to use probiotic capsules, here is a tip I have exclusively for you. You can save up the previous batch of the prepared plant-based yoghurt. This way, you can add it to your milk to make the next batch of plant-based yoghurt.

Happy cooking. Do share your comments after trying the recipe out there at home!

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