Where Does Your False Eye Lashes Come From?

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Surprisingly, no single component is produced on Earth without harming animals, nature, or ecosystems. It is not without reason that it is said that humans are the most selfish species covering the entire planet. Almost every living being on Earth nourishes or replenishes the planet in one way or the other. It, therefore, gives humans no right to kill or destroy living beings or animals just to have the deliverables achieved. 

In this segment, we are going to have a look into the kind of cruelty that goes into the making to get you those fake eyelashes

The Why of the process

You add false eyelashes to give a better volume to your eyes. You want your eyes to look fuller and thicker eyelashes can give you the right impetus to achieve the looks you are going in for. Hence, fake eyelashes, are pretty much in demand.

For college prom parties, celebrity event stopovers, and evening glam parties, women use false or extended eyelashes to cover their looks. However, what goes into the making is what we are going to have a look at, in this particular segment. 

Know-how of the process

Minks are cute forest animals that have fluffy hair. As always, humans cage them. In other words, these animals are kidnapped from forest regions and put inside cages. They are then tortured and starved. Some animal farmers remain ethical to provide them with food until they grow a suitable size. Nourishing foods are also fed to the minks at mink-growing farms so that their hair grows more fluffy and thicker. End of the process, their hair is chopped off their bodies even if it means, the process hurts minks terribly. What will happen if human hair is completely ripped off your body? You are susceptible to hurting yourself badly. 

Similarly, these gentle creatures are ripped off their hair and are being euthanized. Millions of minks reared this way are killed for your fake or false lashes. 

A solution to this

As you all know, beauty is only skin deep. You can use high-volume mascaras that are plant-based. You can re-create the same extended eyelash looks using the right kind of eye-care products. You can also use layers of eye shadows covering your eye-lash zone. This way, you can prevent millions of mink deaths that are done just for those fake eyelashes. Go vegan and lead a sustainable lifestyle!

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