Veganism and Sustainability- Part II

I wanted to make a Part II on Veganism and Sustainability. You have made your home-based cooking 100% plant-based. What next? Well, this segment is going to handle more intricate aspects surrounding the same concept. Let us see what all lies here:

Online Communities

Sometimes, you may not get all the products available on the shelf. So, you can watch simple home-based recipes on how you veganize your diets. You may want to bake cakes or take the first strain of your almond milk. Or, you may have come up with a vegan version of a delicacy that typically makes of dairy milk, butter, or, ghee. Well, you can share your first-time experiences here at online portfolios. More people would be interested to try out those recipes. This way, you spread positive word of mouth or cheer. Log onto India Vegan Revolution on Facebook. This is a very friendly community for first-timers and experienced vegans. You can also speak to fellow vegans and build your social community. 

Pizza parties in offices/ schools/ colleges/ party clubs

You have a pizza party that is upcoming at your school/ college or office party. You can inform your friends or colleagues that you have decided to go vegan. You can request the caterer to churn out pizzas using vegan cheeses. GoodMylk also comes up with vegan-based ranch, cheeses, or shredded Mozilla Cheeses exclusively to suit the interests of Vegans out there. Else, you can tiffen-pack two to four slices of vegan pizzas. You can share the packs with your friends too. This way, they will understand that the taste that a plant-based product gives is in no way different from an animal secretion product. Above all, you also get a self-satisfying feeling that no animal was killed or tortured for your food. 

At temples or religious congregations

Whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, or Christian, you use animal-secreted milk, meat, or eggs to churn out dishes at temples, churches, mosques, or other religious congregations. You need not partake in the offering as a matter of fact. You can carry packs of vegan cakes or crispies and ask the priest to invoke special prayers or offerings under your name. Else, even if the priest offers you panchamrut, ghee sweet Pongal, and so on and so forth, you can donate the offerings to nearby cows, calves, dogs, cats, or other deserving animals. After all, it is from these animals you got the food. Hence, there is nothing wrong with returning the Prashad to the roots. Your parents, well-wishers, or even temple authorities may demean you for negating the offerings of the Lord. But actually, here, you are appreciating every living creature or sentient being that the Lord himself had created. In other words, you are respecting the creator here. 

Vegan products are too expensive

This is yet another myth that is to be busted. On-the-shelf products are most suited for the urban vegans out here. However, if your wallet is on the lower edge, you can make plant-based milk, curd, or ghee using simple ingredients at home. You have quite a lot of baking videos to make vegan cakes the way you had always wanted to. Your veggies and fruits cannot cost you a ton. Again, you can procure ice-creams too just with ripe bananas or strawberries. Henceforth, if you love trying with home-based recipes, the sky is the limit you can innovate. 

At regular hotels/ trips or excursions

Sometimes, you may want to have a dish on the go. Hoteliers use liberal amounts of ghee to make those crispy dosas. Again, bread uses butter. You can skip consuming main products like milk, curds, or ice-creams. But some vegans go with the flow and have foods using a degree of moderation. 

You can also carry small sachets with veganized ghee, butter, or plant-based cheeses. You can make a gentle request at the hotel counters requesting the chef to add your set of ingredients. This way, you spread the word of mouth. Again, this way, you give food for thought that more restaurants and commercial outlets must also include vegan-friendly dishes. 


I have covered some of the important aspects of how you can avoid going through the yo-yo swing here. Despite odds, you must make sure you sustain your ethics. The vegan community hardly amounts to 3% of the world’s population. We want the community to grow. Hence, if each one of us remains sustained or committed to living life plant-based, we can motivate non-vegans or dairy lovers to follow suit as well. 

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