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If you have a look at it, almost 90% of Indian delicacies are vegan by default. You have added ghee, butter, curds, or milk to enhance the flavors of sweets, gravies, biryanis, etc. However, you can easily veganize most of these dishes by adding veganized ghee, butter, milk, or curds. You can log in to to look at on-the-shelf dairy alternatives with which you can completely replace most of your hot favorites. Let me further introduce you to some of the flavorful dishes or foods that have always been vegan. Helping you get started with the same:

Aloo Poha

You have flattened or beaten rice that is otherwise known as poha. You can soak poha for just about 5-7 minutes under running water. You can add herbs, and spices for seasoning. Oil is meant for frying poha flakes along with diced and steamed potatoes. You can also fry the potatoes for a crispier feel. You can add coriander or curry leaves while serving fresh. Adding some lemon juice and sugar adds a sweet-tangy taste to the whole thing. 


Dosa is the king of foods when it comes to the Southern style of cooking. You can make vegetable dosas, masala dosas, onion uttapams, pan-dosas or even set dosa. You need the same batter for making the versatile comfort dish while at home. You can serve yummy chutneys or hot sambar that goes well with this breakfast option. Dosas with chutney or sambar are vegan by default.


You can make upma as a comfort meal option. Otherwise, you can add a little more tang to it by adding diced veggies and the same. You can make vermicelli or Rava upma which needs very few kitchen ingredients to have the dish doled out. Samba Rava upma or millet-based upma is catching up with momentum amongst millennials of today on account of the high fiber content the ingredients are made up of. Again, this is a breakfast dish that can be tasty, and filling and absolutely takes very little of your preparation time. 

Idly with gunpowder

Idly is primarily made from urad dal, fenugreek seeds, and idly rice. You can make super-soft ‘mallige idlis’ when you grind the batter at home. For those of you, who stay at home with young children, store-bought idly batters can also be availed. You can have idlis with gunpowder and you can add vegan ghee on top of it. The feel can be heavenly indeed. 

Leftover sambhars can be reheated. And you can dip idlis into sambhars to get a yummy soupy kind of feel. Again, you can make idlis kids’ friendly too. You can make button idlis at home. These are miniature-sized idlis your kids will enjoy when served hot at home. You have button-idly stands you can buy online. Button idlis served with hot sambhar and chutney can help you get a restaurant-styled delicacy while at home. 

Poori with Saagu

Pooris make use of whole wheat flour, salt, and oil to have the dough kneaded. You then roll them into pooris and deep fry them in oil You can make a gravy made from cooked aloo, tomatoes, and onions. It takes about an hour of your cooking time. But this is a nutritious breakfast option you can make for friends and family. Above all, this is a food that has always been vegan. There are some women who add yogurt while making Chole bature pooris. You can add vegan curds while you have the dough curated.

Oatmeal smoothies

You can make oatmeal just as easy as it sounds. You can cook the oats in vegan milk or water. Then, allow the mix to cool. You can then add custard powder to the mix. Add some more vegan milk to blend the ingredients together. You can add chia seeds, vegan ice cream, and diced fruits. Store them in cute little breakfast jars. And, you can have oatmeal smoothies first thing in the morning. 

Besan cheelas

You can add multi grains while having the batter curated. You can soak lentils like chana dal, urad dal, groundnuts, fried grams, green peas, and chickpeas. You then pulse it into a lump-free consistency. You can add diced onions, ginger flakes, herbs, and spices to the pulse batter. You can pour some oil into the tawa-pan and make cheelas. This is a protein-rich breakfast option that is vegan. You call it ‘Adai’ down south. You can also make avial from diced veggies, sour vegan yogurt, and coconut milk. Adai-avial is a wonderful combination that is relished in the Southern part of India, the same way poori-amras is relished in Maharashtra. 

Rice Bowls

You can make bissebela bath aka Sambhar rice using rice, tur dal, and pressure-cooked veggies, as a matter of fact. You can sprinkle crispy boondi or fried groundnuts on top. Similarly, veg biryanis can be styled in a number of ways, as a matter of fact. You can make veg pulav, veg fried rice, aloo dum Hyderabadi biryanis, Navratan, or dry fruit pulav using rice. 

Cauliflower Manchurian soup bowls, raita, or gravies make wonderful accompaniments to veg fried rice or biryanis. You can add vegan ghee or butter to add a greasy texture to the whole thing. You can make tomato rice, carrot rice, lemon rice, coconut rice, and mint rice as a part of a rice bowl meal to pack as tiffin boxes for your hubby or children. These are entirely vegan indeed.


You can make sweet or salty variations of rice Pongal. You can make use of masoor dal, rice that is pressure cooked. Add to the tempering with vegan ghee. You add ginger flakes, asafetida, salt, etc. to season well. Mix the Pongal well. You can add a dollop of vegan ghee to bring a greasy flavor to the textured dish. This way, you can effortlessly veganize this particular South Indian dish. On the other hand, Sweet Pongal is made from jaggery water, vegan ghee, cashews, and raisins. Women make Sweet Pongal for festive occasions, as a matter of fact. 


You can make Urad Dal, Channa dal, or even spinach Vadas using simple to-do plant-based ingredients like lentils, oil, veggies, etc. This is again a comfort food you can have as a monsoon evening snack. At functions or marriage halls too, Vadas are served to guests who are a part of the gathering. 


These are the top 10 foods that have always been vegan. Which is your favorite? Place your feedback in the Comment section!

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