Benefits of Veganism for the planet- Part I

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Human beings are cutting down trees, and killing animals in the name of meat, dairy, eggs, or honey. Wild animals are poached in the name of ‘trophy hunting. Fisheries is a deadly industry that leads to the death of 3 trillion varieties of the sea or aquatic animals. Likewise, at a 360-degree angle, we are devastating the planet. Nature is now throwing its fury upon all of us. Climate change is the leading cause of the rise in temperatures. Sea water rises can submerge low-lying cities or even countries that have been built across islands, sea banks, or oceanic beds. Methane gas emissions are one of the primary contributors to the formation of a hole in the Ozone layer. Dairy farming or ‘Animal farming’ is the biggest contributor to the rise in methane gas emissions, as a matter of fact. When the dairy animals fart, the milch animals' bloat, then methane gas gets produced in huge quantities. And, this can impact layers of the atmosphere. 

If this continues happening this way, we can be directly impacted by the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Sun strokes or skin cancers can be experienced by most of us in the longer run. Again, global warming is directly responsible for extreme or severe climatic conditions in parts of the globe. Say, for instance, we experience extremely severe floods, storms, or tornadoes while some pockets of the world experience perennial drought conditions with no water at all. Dry parched land means vegetation doesn’t grow and therefore people are left to starve. Or the inhabitants buy food products from other parts of the world at prohibitively high prices. Global warming can also lead to an increase in the proportion of endangered species and the melting of polar ice caps. In fact, if the delicate balance of ecosystems is disrupted, then the cycle can impact the sustenance of human beings too. Veganism involves a compassionate form of living with the earthlings we share the planet with. By endorsing plant-based products we can undo the damage we are causing to the planet right now. Let me outline 7 main benefits of veganism to the planet:

Saves Water

If you look at the statistical figure, this is how it goes. For a pound of beef to be extracted from animal protein, almost 15,500 gallons of water is typically needed. Whereas, for tomatoes to grow it takes about 180 gallons of water. For potatoes to grow, the crop needs about 250 gallons of water. Hence, when people endorse plant-based products, we are able to save a million gallons of water. Not only that, but to artificially breed cows, goats, buffaloes, pigs, chickens, etc., we need food crops to feed the animals. The feed for European animals comes from developing countries indeed. This way, we take precious water away from local communities and ecosystems, as a matter of fact. Henceforth, in a nutshell, you must understand that non-vegans consume three times more excessive water than vegans or plant-based eaters. 

Cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions

Technically greenhouse gas emissions can be abbreviated as GHGs. Greenhouse emissions comprise carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, and methane gases, as a matter of fact. Statistically, it has been proven that cows and sheep alone burp out 3.1 Giga tones of Methane gas per year. This alarming figure equates to 14.5% of the total GHGs in a year. This percentage supersedes the greenhouse gases vehicles emit, across the world. Hence, as the entire population, if we adopt a plant-based or vegan diet, we can reverse the harmful impact, these emissions have on the environment. According to the worldwide famous climate scientist, Greta Thunberg, there is only limited time left for all of us to make amends with respect to global warming. The sooner we do, the better it is for the planet to thrive on a healthier note. 

Want to discover what happens in marine ecosystems?

Overfishing is the main reason why marine ecosystems are getting devastated. It has been revealed that almost 90% of fish, sea, or aquatic animals are used for fishing or left to die on the bi-catch lanes. If things continue happening this way, oceans can dry up as early as 2050. Aquatic animals hydrate oceanic or sea water with vital nutrients like nitrogen dioxides, oxygen, hydrogen, etc. If coral reefs or marine species are completely wiped out, thanks to over-fishing by human beings, oceanic beds can dry up. All the water can now turn into desert lands.

Remember, ocean or seawater evaporation goes into the atmosphere, condenses, and then falls to the Earth as rain. Without rain, there is no vegetation. Without vegetation, there are no plants. Without plants, there is no life. So, we are paving the way to the complete extinction of our planet. 


I will be covering the other valid pointers on what benefits we all have on switching ourselves over to veganism. Till then, stay glued!

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