Discover how meat consumption can harm your liver in the longer run

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Not many of you may even be aware of what liver does in your body? Liver works around the clock to keep your body metabolism robust and healthy. Liver is primarily responsible for digesting the food that is consumed by your body. It also filters toxins from your body. Henceforth, keeping the liver fit or healthy is something that is really important. Now, let us deeply dwell into how meat consumption can harm the liver in the longer run.

How does meat consumption impact your liver?

As you all must be aware of, consumption of red meat is linked with several types of body ailments as a matter of fact. Digesting meat is a highly taxing job for your liver, as such. Meats are greased with layers of oils and a heavy dose of spices, before the dish arrives at your table. Again, as you consume animal protein, there is a surplus build up of protein in your liver. This can lead to formation of fatty liver diseases.

Secondly, layers of oil can mix with the digestive juices present in your body, to form what is known as triglycerides. Excessive layers of triglycerides convert into bad fats which further get accumulated in your body as cholesterol. The yellow yolk present on eggs can also lead to a heavy build-up of cholesterol in your body. This way, the liver gets an added strain to digest triglycerides and other toxins present in your body. You can get fatty liver diseases by the time you turn 50 years old.

Thirdly, when you consume meat, you are also taking hormones or steroids as the animals are pumped up with steroids and hormones so that they fatten up easily. Again, in order to help the farm animals sustain their lives of misery at filthy and overcrowded sheds, plenty of antibiotics are fed into their bodies. You get all of these steroids, antibiotics and hormonal injection residues going into your body. These are toxins even the liver can find it difficult to get rid of. Over a period of time, you end up getting liver cancer as these chemicals can further turn into carcinogenic substances, thereby altering the genetic DNA of your body. Fatty liver and Chronic liver cirrhosis are major disorders that are connected with impacting your liver as such. Liver cancer can also be formed on account of consuming toxic meat products. Going plant-based can restore the health of your liver so that you remain fit or healthy for decades to come.


We have seen the overall impact of how meat consumption can affect your liver over the longer run. Fruits, veggies and cereals are way better for your liver to function efficiently. So, go for the better choice. 

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