Trendy gifting ideas for Christmas and New Year

Unique New Year Gift Ideas

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Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way,

Santa Claus is coming along riding all his way!”

Yes, you heard me right! This is the month of December when all of us are eagerly awaiting to spend Christmas and New Year in a glam way. You can double up the happiness quotient when you give away thoughtful and cherished gifts this season. So, let me introduce trendy gifting ideas for Christmas and New Year so that we can add to the fun, cheer, and joy amidst all of us. 

Personalized greeting cards

It is time for us to go the old-school ways indeed. Gifting away worded and personalized greeting cards can be the trendiest theme, you can think of. It is also time for you to wear your creative hat on. Think of pop-up greeting cards, 3D printed cards, handmade greeting cards, and musical cards! The choices for getting it done right are endless baby!

Why not opt for an Ecuadorian gifting theme?

This is an Ecuadorian gifting theme that is simply irresistible for you to say to. You get the choicest of roses that are preserved in pretty-looking acrylic jars. The roses inside the glass jars look so pretty indeed. This is a romantic gifting theme that can last an entire year of happiness and joy. You can preserve these glass jars in showcases and display tables indeed!

Flowers and cake

This is a lovely combination that you can go in for. Choose flowers that look fresh and colorful. These include daffodils, lilies, daisies, and marigolds. You can gift wrap the flowers using eco-friendly packing materials, as a matter of fact. You can also bake fresh vegan cakes that go well along with a bunch of flowers. You can use the same gifting theme for Christmas as well as New Year. 

Get your friends beauty spa treatment kits

You can go in for cruelty-free beauty products and spa treatment kits for your friends, relatives, or even business colleagues, after all. This way, you can help your friends and loved ones indulge themselves with routine beauty and self-care regimens. 

Scented candles

Do you want to add a more romantic vibe for your soulmate or beau? Going in for candle holders with scented candles can bring romantic and nostalgic moments over the two of you cuddling together all the time. You can choose lavender, rose, and sandalwood as delightful fragrance incenses the candles have. 

Personalized gifting trends you can never go wrong with

Personalized gifting trends are always in vogue. You can choose wallpapers, mugs, photo frames, calendars, New Year posters, diaries, home decor products, or even beer mugs that suit the temperament of the recipients you plan to gift these products. 

A box of hand-made chocolates adds to a festive vibe after all

You can curate a box of hand-made vegan chocolates for your near and dear ones this Christmas and the upcoming New Year 2023. Choose almonds, dates, pistachios, cashews, vanilla, and dark chocolate. This bountiful chocolate box can be packaged in a nice gift basket to add an ethnic theme to the whole gifting idea. 

Gift cards or Meal vouchers can add magic

No one will ever say no to a gift card. You can visit branded stores online. You have Lifestyle, Bibas, Sephora, or Dominos offering smashing gift cards this holiday season. You can buy these coupons online and present them to your loved ones. You can also gift meal voucher coupons from Mc Donalds or Pizza hut for helping them with gourmet dining options plant-based.   

Wanna add food hampers

You can curate lovely food hampers comprising dry fruits, cookies, tea-time cakes, crackers, chocolates, wafers, cheeses, etc. Go for plant-based gift hampers from your very own store V Vegano. Log in to for exciting options on foodie hampers for Christmas and New Year. You can also add a personalized greeting card along with the gift hampers, after all. 

Choose Diaries- an ideal gifting trend for working executives

Here is an ideal gifting option, you can go in for when it comes to the working community. It can be your boss, business colleague, professors, fellow employees, or even clients. Diaries are most popular amongst the working population for a simple reason of course. You help them jot down telephone numbers, email ids, and their daily schedule of activities on diaries that are meant for the same. Corporate gifting ideas also go well when the employer decides to gift diaries and keychains as a part of New Year gifting.

Personalized calendars can be fun and exciting

For your bestie, you can create a collage of wonderful photos that you both had taken while on an outing or a hiking trip. You can ask the company to curate one pic to dedicate to, for the month of January. Likewise, each pic is drawn up, to represent other months of the upcoming year. How cool can this be!

DIY socks

You can create unique caricatures like zip liners or zig-zag lines using acrylic or fabric paints. You can then emboss the designs on a monochromatic pair of socks. You can paste festive stones or add more glitter powder to enhance the festive extravaganza. This can be a quirky idea when you want to choose a gifting theme for Christmas. 


These are some of the super-cool gifting trends for the upcoming Christmas or New Year. Which is the one you are going in for?

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