The Best Vegan Chocolate Brands for Your Sweet Tooth

Satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free with these top vegan chocolate brands! Discover the best chocolates that are ethical, dairy-free and delicious. 

Who says you have to give up chocolate when you go vegan? With these top brands, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without any guilt or ethical concerns. From rich and creamy truffles to decadent bars, there are plenty of delicious options available that are both dairy-free and 100% vegan.

Why Choose Vegan Chocolate Brands?

Choosing vegan chocolate brands is a great way to indulge in your love for chocolate while remaining true to your vegan values. Vegan chocolates are free from any animal-derived ingredients, such as milk and butter, making them an ethical choice for those who want to avoid supporting the dairy industry. Additionally, many vegan chocolates are made with healthier ingredients and natural sweeteners like coconut sugar or maple syrup, which can make them a more wholesome option compared to traditional chocolate brands.

Choose from the widest range of Vegan chocolates in India: 

  • The Whole Truth¬†- Their purpose is simple.¬†They make food so clean,¬†they can proudly declare every single ingredient that goes into it, upfront. And¬†they can speak the whole truth, because¬†they have #nothingtohide.

The Whole Truth 71% Dark chocoloate - 100% clean food on Vvegano

  • Ambriona¬†-¬†An Indian Chocolate Brand striving to develop products that yield health and indulgence to customers. Ambriona is an environmentally & socially conscious gourmet farm-to-table packaged food company

Shop Ambriona Dark Chocolate 45% Cocoa in India at best prices


  • Carra¬†-¬†Carra produces handcrafted chocolate bars, all made in-house, sticking to centuries old traditional processes, to introduce you to the world of pure chocolate.

Carra 55% Dark India culture series at best prices in India

  • Darkins¬†-¬†A¬†Bean-to-Bar¬† chocolate maker on a journey to create Indian single-origin artisan chocolates.¬†Cacao Beans sourced from Coastal Andhra estates - practicing natural farming - are crafted into chocolate bars.

 Darkins 63% Dark chocolate

  • Jus Trufs¬†- A boutique , artisanal chocolaterie located in Jakkur, North Bangalore, and¬†they¬†run a world class operation, which includes a¬†signature shop, Cafe, Chocolate tours, Workshops / trainings & Interactive events

 Artisanal 72% Dark Chocolate Bar 460 gm


  • Piperleaf¬†-¬†Started with an idea to veganize food and beverage products.¬†They believe in plant based diet and have been following this lifestyle since 2019.¬†

Buy Piperleaf Vegan Mylk Chocolate - Fruit & Nut in India

  • Toska


  • Sihi Chocolaterie