Shop for Exclusive varieties of hampers to celebrate Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023 from V Vegano store

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As we usher at the end of December, all of us are waiting to celebrate Christmas and New Year in style. Starting from baking cakes to gifting sweet boxes plant-based, we have exclusive gift hampers from your very own V Vegano store. Log in to to check out these irresistible Christmas and New Year offers. 

V Vegano’s specially curated gift hamper for X-Mas and New Year

Treat yourself to a box full of goodies inside the lovely gift hamper that is Xmas exclusive. You have a dedicated team at V Vegano that carefully curates the hamper to match the requirements of every festive season we have out here. From chocolates, cookies, avocado butter, maple syrup, and savories, we have it all. This is a gift hamper that contains the following products inside the hamper:

  • One Good Chocolate Bar- 3 flavors measuring 50 grams each
  • Lotus Biscoff- 250 grams
  • Oatmax Chocolate oat drink- 200 ml
  • Mr. Shift Sorghum Sesame Chakli- 100 grams
  • Black and Green’s Extra rich Avocado butter- 1 pack
  • The Culture Ko Kambucha - 330 ml
  • Isvaari Cocoa butter- 100 ml
  • Goodmylk Vegan Mayo- 250 grams
  • Maple Joe Canadian Maple Syrup- 250 ml (This is product is imported straight from Canada)

The hamper is curated at a pocket-friendly price indeed. Here is the description link you can pick your product from:

Vvegano's Special Vegan Xmas Hamper

Meethi Kahani’s Mawa-based sweets- Plant-based ingredients only

These are traditional Mawa sweets made using plant-based ingredients only. You get the sweets wrapped up in exotic gift boxes as a matter of fact. You can serve them to guests arriving home before the onset of Christmas or the upcoming New Year 2023. Otherwise, you can gift your friends or relatives you plan to visit this festive season. Let us spread joy and cheer by being compassionate to earthlings with whom we share the planet. As these are dairy-free sweets, the sweets can be tolerated by lactose-tolerant friends or even old people indeed. Go for the description link right here:

Meethi Kahanis Vegan Mixed Mithai - Mava Based Sweets – Vvegano

Meethi Kahani’s Celebration Box B

Treat yourself to a wonderfully curated set of sweets that you loved consuming during your childhood days. Bring those nostalgic moments by reliving your sweets with a vegan twist added to the same. You have this box with the choicest array of sweets that even your dairy friends can ever say no to. You have the boxes with two separate quantities. These are 350-gram and 750-gram boxes respectively. Inside the sweet boxes, you find sweets like Pista burfis, Besan burfis, chocolate poppy rolls, Kaju mango rolls, paan date rolls, and chocolate Pedas. Here is the description box for you to place your orders right away:

Meethi Kahani's Celebration Box B – Vvegano

Sugar-free and vegan truffle chocolate boxes

Treat yourself to this lovely array of chocolates brought to you by a leading firm namely ‘Jus Truffs’. These are 100% plant-based dark chocolate truffle balls and you have an assorted array of flavors like cashews, almonds, and pure dark chocolates inside this carefully curated Chocolate box. You can gift these boxes to your friends who are either weight conscious or diabetic. Go check the description link right away:

Sugarfree Chocolate Gift Box – Vvegano

Jus Truffs Vegan Almond rocks

These are chocolate snackable made exclusively from jaggery, as a matter of fact. These are chocolate cubes made from locally grown cocoa beans and sweetened using jaggery only. 60% of the chocolate is dark chocolate. Once you put these choco-cubes into your mouth, burst roasted almonds. And this way, you can relive your magical moments this upcoming Christmas and New Year 2023. Here is the description link for the same:

Jus Trufs Vegan Jaggery Chocolate Almond Rocks – Vvegano

Whole Truth Chocolate Bars

These are chocolate bars brought to you by a leading Chocolate brand namely ‘The Whole Truth’. The chocolate vendor mentions on the top cover what these chocolates mainly comprise. Even the percentages are mentioned for consumers to have a look at. You have to go for a lovely assortment of pure dark chocolate bars, orange bars, and Seasalt flavored bars at an affordable wallet.  Here is the description link of the product:

The Whole Truth - 71% Dark Chocolate Combo - (Pack of 3) - 1 - 71% ,1 – Vvegano

Mock Meat Combo

Non-vegetarian turned vegans always have a temptation to binge on their non-vegetarian specials at times. You have plant-based companies giving you the absolute taste and flavor of a non-vegetarian condiment but using plant-based ingredients only. You can treat yourself to a whole array of chicken nuggets, samosas, Seekh kebabs, and Chicken popcorn wherein not a single chicken has been slaughtered to bring the product to your doorstep. Here is the description link where you can place your orders from:

Sudo Foods Plant Based (Seekh Kebab, Samosa, Popcorn, Burger Patty) Co – Vvegano

These are exclusive signature options for you to choose from. But wait, there are still irresistible sweets and hamper packs this Christmas and the upcoming New Year 2023. Let me meet you via Part 2 of the Section.