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Here comes Christmas and New Year. So, all of you will be busy hunting for gift materials in which you can wrap those attractive presents. If you look at it, that glittery gift paper that is readily available at gifting stores or shopping malls comprises single-use plastic filaments. In other words, by using the usual gift papers, you are going to contribute more towards plastic pollution. As vegans, we are not going to do that. You can choose quite a lot of eco-friendly materials in which you can wrap up gifts. These are eco-friendly as the materials are highly biodegradable and easily recyclable. Let us discover eco-friendly materials for gift wrapping:

Craft paper

If you have those unused origami sheets that your kid never used at school, now is the time of the year to put them to good use. You can also collect unused chart papers, this way. Again, as you already know, paper is a plant-based product that is entirely biodegradable and recyclable. You can wrap up your presents. Plus, you can apply DIY techniques to personalize the gifts or presents the way you had always wanted to. You can stick seashells, and fancy buttons or add extra bling to it, by pasting festive satin ribbons on top of the packaging material. You can use dried flowers, stamps, handmade tags, or leaves too.

Use fabric

If you have already learned the Japanese method of wrapping up presents, then you are pretty good to go. This is the Furoshiki method we are talking about. You can then create pretty-looking folds to replicate that of a gift wrap. You can use unused bedsheets or cushion covers for the same. If you feel that the shades of the fabric look dull or neutral, you can adorn it with some dried flowers or leaves. You can also paint the fabric with colorful acrylic paints and then you are good to go!

Newspapers solve the purpose

Do you have glitzy newspaper sheets? Look for Bangalore times- Sunday special. 

You can also use oil paint newspaper prints that serve as generous gift-packing sheets. You can add some decorative ribbons or attach personalized cards to add a festive vibe to the wrapping material. 

Do you want to reuse shopping bags?

Do not throw away shopping bags. These are made from cardboard after all. You can wrap your presents inside shopping bags that lay unattended at home. You can add festive ribbons, and attach hanging hearts or key chains to add a decorative feel to the wrapping thing, after all. 

Create your own stamps

Instead of using store-bought stamps, you can create some of your own DIY styles. Make concentric circles, stars or shapes from your stencil card. Then shade the shapes using a pencil while you can paint or crayon the insides. Voila, your creative stamps are ready to go on to a gift-wrapping sheets after all. You can use chart papers and a collage of decorative stamps to create your own design!

Learning to upcycle packaging materials

Remember the last time you had shopped for an LED TV or a brand-new computer? You may receive plenty of cardboard boxes the manufacturer would have used for packaging different types of equipment out there. For remote scales, you may have air balloon packaging materials. You may also have themocol balls to cover the box so that the product doesn’t get damaged. You can put all these materials to the best use while packaging your intended presents for Christmas or New Year. 

Purchase gift boxes online

You can go for heart-shaped or even star-shaped cardboard gift boxes by purchasing them via online stores. These are ready-made boxes for you to drop your presents in. Go in for bulk orders so that you would receive fabulous discounts from the online merchandiser. You can store them for the next year to wrap up your presents in. This technique is meant for those of you who cannot do much of creative work like handpaint or decorate. For the gifting boxes, go in for polka dots, floral patterns, geometric designs, and so on so that you match the presents with the theme you are going in for. 

Mason jars or glass jars can unveil magic

Do you have a flair for cooking or baking? Then mason jars are the best bet for you on gift wrapping too. You can make your very own version of a fruity jam. Say, like a strawberry, peach, apple, or mixed fruit variant. Else, you can bake your very own set of biscuits, buns or cakes. Mason jars or glass jars are the best packing materials you can go in for. Glass is quite eco-friendly as a product and you can also make sure that your jams, buns or cookies, remain air-fresh and taste good even for days to come. To the mason jars, you can add festive ribbons or handmade cards to add to decorative touches.

Dried flowers or leaves

For any kind of eco-friendly packing material, you are going in for, making use of dried flowers, fruit peels or even leaves can unveil magic. You can stick orange peels to add a golden-orange tinge while you aim to decorate your boxes. Dried flowers, leaves, or even peels serve exotic as they are highly biodegradable and eco-friendly

Use homemade ribbons

You can use homemade ribbons by using fabrics that can no longer be used. You may have a shiny shirt with a stain on it. Else, you have old curtain drapes, after all. You can ask your tailor to stitch the material into ribbons. You can then wrap up your presents using your very own DIY-styled ribbons. Here, you are recycling your old materials while you also rediscover newer ways of decorating your presents. You can stick decorative stars, trees, or even moons to match the Christmas theme


These are 10 eco-friendly ways by which you can gift your presents. Which is your favorite one? Do place your ideas in the Comment Section. 

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