Discover cool and exciting Diwali gift hampers the Vegan style

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Diwali is slated for the 24th of October 2022. You wear new clothes, burst firecrackers, have sweets, meet friends or relatives and hand over gift hampers. Wondering what to give? Again, here is a small trivia, I want you to know about. Many of us unassumingly gift china-bone dinner sets to friends, and relatives or even receive them as corporate gift hampers. As a matter of fact, China bone dinner sets are not vegan. China bone, how do you procure this particular material?

Crushed bones from the carcasses of cattle, pigs, chickens, or even horses are exported to China. You then add some glaze to the powder. Under clay Owens, the designs are caricatured. You get those gleamy and shiny dinner bowls, cutlery sets, and attractive plates. So, we would ditch this option and go in for more eco-friendly options wherein we don't harm or hurt animals around us. So, let us get started with cool uber options for gifting this Diwali:

Potted plants

You can get witherseeds from the nursery parlors located in closer vicinity to where you stay. You can drop clay mud and organic manure into the same. You can drop seeds of daffodils, roses, or even orchards. You can again use flower pots and once the first shoot blooms, you can gift wrap the potted plants and send the hampers to friends, relatives, or even office colleagues. This is a green option that can also let your people know how much you care or nurture for them. Again, you follow your vegan ethics 200 percent. Would you dare say no to this?

Vegetable seeds

My cousin who stays in Raleigh, the US, grows his own organic garden. Here, we call it terrace gardening. He grows his own okra, radish, tomatoes, peas, and brinjals in the garden. As a gifting option that is entirely plant-based, I would love to pick some of the exotic variants of vegetable or fruity seeds. I would pack them into cute-looking gift hampers, add my love notes and send them across. Would you want to do the same too?

Ceramic photo frames

You can opt for ceramic or cold-stone-based frames. This can be a picture-perfect Diwali gift wherein your friends, colleagues or relatives would love you for. The recipients can attach their family photographs to be hung across their living rooms or bedrooms. You can also create a collage of pics of your dearest friend or colleague hanging around with you. You can attach a nostalgic memory photo card across the frame and then gift pack the same. This way, your Diwali guest feels enlightened. You can opt for this type of personalized gifting option for any kind of occasion under the sun. 

Wind chimes

If you are looking for a peace-warming gift, you can gift away trendy varieties of wind chimes. Windchimes sing tunes once the wind passes through the chimes. This is made from wooden or stainless steel material. You can paste picture cards or add bling to make the gift a personalized pick. You can add a Diwali gift card too. This way, you personally wish and greet your near-and-dear ones in a graceful manner. 

Eco-friendly dinner sets

If you are opting to give away dinner sets, you can add a bit of an earthy touch to the gifting option, after all. You can give away dinner plates, cups, crockery, and spoons that are made from wood. Again, wooden ware is an eco-friendly and durable material, as a matter of fact. You can also choose glass bowls as a gifting option. Glass is made from sand. Dinner sets that are designed using terracotta or earthen-clay mud are also materials you can go in for. Check deals on online stores to choose your pick. 


These are out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to gifting your friends or relatives this upcoming Diwali. Use the road that is less traveled and woo the people around you. A vegan lifestyle is all here to stay. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous Diwali 2022. 

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