Christmas and New Year Store Specials- Part II

Kerala Plum Cake | Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

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Here are store specials to celebrate your upcoming Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023 in style. Let us look at the other bounty products we have for you. Let us get started with the same:

Christmas Plum Cake

Celebrate Christmas with a traditional pie cake indeed. You have a moist dark Christmas cake with rich raisins and dry fruits. You have the cake delicately flavored with spices indeed. Check out the description link right away:

Jus Trufs-Vegan Rich Christmas Plum Cake 500 gm – Vvegano

Meethi Kahani’s Khoya Paan

This is a traditional Paan sweet made from plant-based khoya to give a vegan twist to the same. These are Khoya-Paan sweets that give the same taste as a traditional variety of sweets that is typically made from Mawa or sun-dried milk flakes. This sweet is made from ingredients like mixed nuts, raw sugar, vegan ghee, and Tutty fruity. The sweet is way healthier and way more nutritious as compared to its dairy counterpart. Check the description link right away:

Meethi Kahani's Khoya Paan – Vvegano

Chocolate Pedas

This is an Indo-western delicacy that uses rich cocoa powder melt into the traditional Pedas. Ingredients like nuts, raw sugar, vegan ghee, and cocoa powder are used in the making. You can avail of this indulgent variety of Pedas in 350 and 750 gift boxes indeed. So, what more are you waiting for? Check out the description link right away:

Meethi Kahani's Chocolate Peda – Vvegano

Kaju Katlis

No festive occasion is ever complete without receiving a box of flavorful Kaju Katlis. Meethi Kahani’s Kaju katlis are made from dairy-free ingredients like cashews, vegan ghee, and raw sugar. The sweets are available in gift boxes of 350 and 750 grams respectively. Check for the description link right away:

Meethi Kahani's Kaju Katli – Vvegano

Moti Chur ladoos

Who can ever say no to motichoor ladoos? When you get a vegan twist to the gift box filled with motichur ladoos, then this will be your best Christmas or New Year ever. You have rich motichur ladoos made from ingredients like refined-free, soya-free sugar, vegan ghee, and Besan. You get these ladoos in 750-gram and 350-gram gift boxes. There are about 31 ladoos in the 75–gram box while there are 18 ladoos in a 350-gram box. Place your orders before these boxes get sold out. The description link is right here:

Meethi Kahanis Vegan Laddoo Box – Vvegano

Meethi Kahani’s Pista burfis

You may have had nostalgic moments biting into crunchy pistachios on a mewa base. The pista burfis are absolutely yummy and delectable as a matter of fact. Made from pistachio, dry nuts, raw sugar, and vegan ghee, these pista burfis are absolutely delightful. Click on the description link right here:

Meethi Kahani's Pista Barfi – Vvegano

I wish the entire team of V Vegano a very happy Christmas and an aspirational New Year 2023.